Former Chef at Beloved The Eatery Announces Next Project


Jess Milbourn, the chef at the now closed but once much loved restaurant The Eatery, announced that his next project will be an ice cream shop in West Sac's Broderick neighborhood.

Here's the text of his announcement of Devil May Care Ice Cream via Twitter.

It's been ~2 years since I closed The Eatery. Had a chance to do a lot of thinking on what I wanted to do with the next chapter. After careful consideration of what would be the best path to follow I've decided to open an ice cream shop here in West Sacramento.

Understandingly I've been getting some confused feedback from people who miss The Eatery. Promise that's still on the agenda just not yet. Anyway, what you can expect is awesome ice cream, ice pops, & other frozen treats as we get going.

Anticipated opening date; soon. Sometime this summer/early fall. Looking forward to putting some smiles out there.

In a follow up conversation via Twitter Direct Message, he gave a couple other tidbits:

On The Eatery 2: "To be clear I still plan on opening another concept similar to The Eatery. Cost is the main issue. I haven't been able to find a location that was already built out as a restaurant in the area I wanted to be. In the future I'd love to build a restaurant from scratch, but I haven't been able to fundraise what I need for that."

On The Concept: "Ice Cream has been a hobby of mine for years and I've been toying with the idea of an ice cream business for some time. In the process of browsing for possible restaurant spaces I found a quaint little spot that I fell in love with. It was leased, but not occupied, at the time so I left my info with the landlord and he said he'd call if he had anything with similar space, cost, etc. As it happened the current tenant had to back out and allowed me to move in.

"The final decision was that I needed a business that allowed my daughter (Audrey, now 9 years old) to be part of, and enjoy the business. This was the only concept that my wife and daughter were excited about."

Jess has declined to provide the exact address of his new Ice Cream Parlor until he gets the keys to the new restaurant. I wish him good luck.

The Eatery, once located in West Sac's Bridgeport neighborhood (near Target and Nugget), closed in Aug. 2014. Since then, came close to opening a restaurant at West Sac's Vierra Farms and did a stint at Broderick.

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Off The Grid Launches Taco Tuesday Series


Off The Grid, the popular Bay Area-based food truck event planners, launched a new Taco Tuesday event, featuring Sacramento food trucks each serving their unique taco creations (in addition to their regular menus) at the Crocker Museum from 5 to 9 p.m.

The food trucks scheduled to attend this week are:

  • Cousins Maine Lobster
  • Chando's Tacos
  • Flavor Face
  • New Bite
  • North Border Taco
  • Slightly Skewed
  • Street Eatz
  • Tacos Los Reyes
  • 7 Sisters Gourmet Food

I attended their inaugural event last week, and found it to be well organized and a great place to stop by after work for a drink (yes, they have a bar in the Crocker courtyard) and dinner.

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What to Eat and What to Skip at the California State Fair


I love eating at the State Fair. It's the one time a year when I eat fried food without guilt and try to sample the newest and craziest creations of the mad scientists of the fair food court.

With that in mind, I scoured the media coverage to find out what vendors were touting as new and different at this year's state fair. This is what I tried.


Corn Dog from Milo's, with New Batter: "I went back into the laboratory and figured out we used too much corn flour and not enough cornmeal. We made the adjustment and now I’ve got the perfect corn dog batter," owner Milo Franks told the Sac Bee. So was it "perfect?" Being a full grown adult, corn dogs haven't been a part of my regular diet since I graduated college. I have one at the fair annually, and maybe one other corn dog randomly. Was it good? Sure. But was it perfect? The best way describe it was unmemorable. At the fair, how good the corn dog tastes is really based on the fry chef. If he under cooks it, you end up with soggy breading and a cold dog. If he fries it too long, the breading becomes burned bread. Whether you decide to get a corn dog at the fair should really based on whether you like the fried treat in general. The new breading recipe didn't add or detract from the dog on a stick.

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RIP 3 Fires Lounge



3 Fires Lounge, located at 15th & L, will hold a "Goodbye Party" and close for the final time on Friday, July 1, it announced on Facebook this week.

The bar housed inside the Residence Inn, originally opened in 2008, will feature $4 draft beer, $3 well drinks and $5 "U-Call-Its."

3 Fires will be replaced "as a new concept in August," the restaurant elaborated on Facebook.

Over its eight years, the food and drinks have varied from good to mediocre. I look forward to whatever the hotel decides to open there.

3 Fires Lounge is located at 1501 L Street.

New Meal Delivery Service Munchery Hits Sacramento, Delights


There’s never been a better time to be too lazy to cook dinner from scratch, and with the launch of Munchery in Sacramento, it’s gotten even easier.

Munchery, a Bay Area-based meal delivery service, started serving Sacramento earlier this month and delivers fresh and healthy food that requires little to no cooking, for about $12 per entrée. The State Capital is the service’s fifth city, following San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Seattle.

This is how it works:

  1. Order food at about $12 per meal (plus $2.95 delivery fee) before 10 a.m. for an afternoon delivery window at either your workplace or home.
  2. Delicious food is delivered. Depending on what you order, it can be ready to eat right away, or it might take you 15 or 20 mins to prepare.

The folks at Munchery were nice enough to send me a delivery so I could share my experience.


I arranged for a delivery to my on a scorching hot day in early June. You have the option of leaving a cooler outside your home, though I just scheduled it for right before I got home from work and put it in the fridge right away.

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Free Doritos Locos Taco at Taco Bell on Tuesday

You might still be bummed the Warriors lost the NBA Championship on Sunday night, but at least they won you a free taco from Taco Bell. That counts for something, right?

From 2 to 6 p.m. on Tuesday, 6/21, Taco Bell is offering one free Doritos Locos Taco as a reward for a road team winning a NBA finals game. The first team to do that were the Warriors during Game 5.

 If you work or live Downtown, the closest Taco Bell is located at 24th & Broadway.

Win Two Tickets to Wine & Brew at the Zoo on Saturday, May 14th ($110 value)


Longtime readers may remember the annual King of Feasts event at the Sacramento Zoo. 

This year, they've transitioned to feature more local wineries and breweries -- 28 in total, all to benefit the gem that is the Sacramento Zoo.

Featured this year will be: 


  • Barefoot Wine & Bubbly
  • Bogle Vineyards
  • Carvalho Family Winery
  • Helwig Winery
  • Matchbook Wine Company
  • McConnell Estates Winery
  • Mount Aukum Winery
  • Muddy Boot Wines
  • Renwood Winery
  • Sentivo Vineyards and Winery
  • Shenandoah Vineyards
  • Sobon Estate
  • Terra d’Oro Winery
  • Three Wine Company
  • Turkovich Family Wines
  • Weibel Family Vineyards & Winery


  • Bike Dog Brewing Company
  • Firestone Walker Brewing Co.
  • Great Basin Brewing Company
  • Hoppy Brewing Company
  • Knee Deep Brewing Co.
  • Lagunitas Brewing Company
  • Lost Coast Brewery
  • Napa Smith Brewery
  • Mendocino Brewing Company
  • New Helvetia Brewing Co.
  • Oak Park Brewing Company
  • Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
  • Sudwerk Brewing Co.
  • Track 7 Brewing Co.
  • Two Rivers Cider Company
  • Yolo Brewing Company

And they'll be food too, available for purchase from Sacramento food trucks with 10 percent of the proceeds going to the zoo's animal care and maintenance fund, including: 

  • Drewski’s
  • La Mex Taqueria
  • GyroStop
  • The Sweet Spot

So how do you win tickets? There are three ways.

  1. Post a comment below with which winery or brewery you're most excited about trying.
  2. Tweet using the #WineandBrew, and tagging @SacramentoZoo and @CowtownEats with which brewery or winery you want to try. Here's an example. "Can't wait to try @MuddyBootWine at @SacramentoZoo #WineandBrew. Thanks @CowtownEats!"
  3. Post a comment on the Cowtown Eats Facebook page with which winery or brewery you want to try, including #WineandBrew. 

You can enter once per medium. Winner will be chosen at random after 5 p.m. on Wednesday. Please be ready to respond with your real name so you can get your tickets at will call, with proper Photo ID. Winner must be 21 years or older.

If you don't win or just want to support the Sacramento Zoo, tickets can be purchased at for $55 per person, or $15 for designated drivers.

** Congrats to Alex Harold, winner of the 2 tickets.