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Daily Dining News: SactoMoFo Coming in April

Food trucks are all the culinary rage. Spawned by the Kogi Korean BBQ truck in LA, the food truck movement has spurred innovation all over America and even a The Great Food Truck Race, a show on the Food Network. I tried the Nana Queen food truck over Thanksgiving featured on the show in LA, and I really enjoyed both the food and the experience. (Photo via

But I had to be outside of Sacramento to try it, where our strict regulations set forth by the city council have prevented us from enjoying The Food Trend. That's about to change, for at least one day, with The Sacramento Mobile Food Festival, or SactoMoFo. Per the Sac Bee's Chris Macias:

"The event will feature more than a dozen food trucks, including vendors from Yolo County and the San Francisco Bay Area. Adobo Hobo, a Bay Area food cart that specializes in such items as chicken adobo tacos and vegetarian adobo over rice, has already been confirmed. Also look for San Francisco's Sweetface Bakery, along with Sacramento taco trucks and a homemade ice cream vendor from Davis. Local restaurateurs are also expected to run their own food trucks and carts."

Read the entire story in the Sac Bee.

Other News:

Wine Buzz: Expansion of two Sacramento-area wine bars nearly complete - Over at Enotria Restaurant & Wine Bar on Del Paso Boulevard, a party of about 200 friends, family members and Facebook followers helped ring in 2011 on New Year's Eve and toasted Enotria's nearly completed renovation. More than $1.5 million has been put into the project, which doubles Enotria's seating capacity, expands its courtyard and connects a new wine bar with the main restaurant. Enotria is putting on a soft opening this week for selected guests to help train the staff and tweak the menu. Look for the wine bar's official opening on Tuesday, a.k.a. the numerically pleasing date of 1/11/11. Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

Enotria Set To Reopen - Closed since August, Enotria wine bar reopens for lunch this week with a “soft opening” on Thursday and Friday before its official grand opening on Tuesday, Jan. 11. The Del Paso Boulevard restaurant and wine bar is still putting the finishing touches on a $1.5-million-plus expansion and cosmetic facelift that originally was scheduled to take only a month and was to occur in phases to allow either the restaurant or the wine bar to remain open throughout construction. Marybeth Bizjak in Sac Mag.

Quite the catch - More than 2,000 pounds of tuna alone is shipped weekly by Sunh Fish to local eateries; it ends up topped with soy sauce and wasabi at such sushi restaurants as Kru, Wasabi's and Sushi Cafe. White- tablecloth restaurants, including the Waterboy and Morton's, also count on Sunh Fish for some of their seafood offerings. Billy Ngo, the chef and restaurateur of Kru, describes Sunh Fish as "the place where everyone gets their tuna." Rick Mahan, owner and chef of the Waterboy, has done his personal seafood shopping at Sunh Fish for 15 years. He now sources much of the Waterboy's seafood from Sunh Fish. Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

Fish Fix - If you've got a hankering for fish, these three restaurants can fix you right up. 1.) Sushi Café on Alhambra Boulevard ... 2.) Spataro Restaurant and Bar ... 3.) Chando's Tacos. Kira O'Donnell in Sac Mag.

The Now-You-See-It Restaurant - It’s an improvisatory approach for an improvisatory time, when chefs are finding all sorts of ways to eliminate overhead, streamline operations, edit out distractions and focus on the cooking, which is the beginning, end and point of it all. In Chicago, the chef Grant Achatz is preparing to open Next, where diners will buy tickets in advance for an appointed hour and a predetermined menu. The pinpoint planning that allows him will save money on service staff. Some chefs are hatching pop-up restaurants, which squat for just days or weeks in locations already furnished and equipped. Some are giving meals on wheels a spin. Frank Bruni in the New York Times.

The Firehouse Restaurant – “Dine Downtown” - I could go on and on about every taste, sensation, enjoyment and pleasure but I want to save that experience for you.  Just know the attention to detail in each course was faultless.  The service was beyond expectations.  The passion that went into creating and preparing the menu was entirely evident in the execution of every course.  Not one stone went unturned.  Words cannot describe their success so please, use your imagination and enjoy the photos above and wish the Internet could fulfill your senses of taste and smell. Christina Dayton in Sac Foodies.

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