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Daily Dining News: West Sac's The Eatery Reviewed

Dine Downtown Week Starts Today

Some would argue (in song) that the Most Wonderful Time of the Year happens in December. As a Sacramento food enthusiast who loves getting a deal, I’d disagree. Dine Downtown, a food lover's holiday, happens in January.

Dine Downtown is a promotion where good and great local restaurants offer three course meals for just $30. While that may still seem steep, this offer includes an appetizer, main course and dessert. Many of the restaurants participating are upper tier restaurants where the price of the appetizer alone is $30.

In the past years, I’ve taken the opportunity to eat at Ella, Mulvaney’s, The Firehouse, Tuli and Biba. These are some of Sacramento’s finest restaurants and at $30 for a three course meal, it’s a steal.

This year, I’m planning on hitting up Restaurant Thir13en, a relatively new upscale eatery by the folks who brought us Tuli Bistro.

Last year, I was given the opportunity to try the restaurant on the Delta King. This year, I was invited to preview the menu at Morgan’s Restaurant in the Sheraton. Come back tomorrow for my review of that Dine Downtown destination.

One final tip: Go with a friend you don't mind sharing food with. Many of these menus offer two (or more) food options. You'll be able try twice as many dishes at the same cost. Or if there's only one thing that you want to try on the Dine Downtown menu, both of you don't have to get the deal. One of you can just order a regular entree.

Here's the entire list of participating restaurants:

3 Fires Lounge  -   Menu

4th Street Grille  -   Menu  -  Make Reservation

Biba  -   Menu Make Reservation

Blue Prynt  -   Menu  -  Make Reservation

The Broiler Steakhouse  -   Menu  -  Make Reservation

Cafeteria 15L Menu Make Reservation

Capitol Garage (V) Menu  -  Make Reservation

Chops Steak, Seafood & Grill  - Menu  -  Make Reservation

Dawson’s at the Hyatt (V)Menu  -  Make Reservation

de Vere’s Irish Pub  -  Menu

Ella Dining Room & Bar Menu  -  Make Reservation

Esquire Grill Menu  -  Make Reservation

Fat City  Menu

The Firehouse Restaurant (V)Menu  -  Make Reservation

Frank Fats  -  Menu  –   Make Reservation

Grange (V) -  Menu  -  Make Reservation

Il Forniao  -  Menu  -  Make Reservation

Kupros Bistro (V)Menu  -  Make Reservation

The Melting Pot (V)Menu

Morgan’s at the Sheraton Grand  (V)Menu  –   Make Reservation

Mulvaney’s B&L (V)MenuMake Reservation

Paragary’s Midtown  -  Menu

The Pilothouse at the Delta King  -  Menu  -  Make Reservation

The Porch  -  Menu  -  Make Reservation

Restaurant Thir13en  -  Menu  -  Make Reservation

Rio City Cafe  -  Menu

Spataro (V) Menu  -  Make Reservation

Ten 22  -  Menu  -  Make Reservation

Tequila Museo Mayahuel (V)Menu  -  Make Reservation

Tuli Bistro  -  Menu

(V)- Vegetarian options included in the menu

For more information about Dine Downtown and to see the menus being offered at the great Sacramento restaurants, visit


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