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Mikuni Sushi Celebrates 25 Years, Rolls Back Prices

Mikuni Sushi, a Sacramento mainstay for the last 25 years, is celebrating a quarter century by rolling back the prices on some of its most popular sushi rolls. (Click here for happy hour info.)

April 1-14

  • $3 Maguro Nigiri
  • $3 Spicy Tuna Handroll
  • $4 Crispy Gyoza
  • $7 Bob's Roll
  • $7 Marilyn Monroll

April 1-30

  • $5 Fair Oaks Roll
  • $5 Large Hot Sake

Offer is good at all Sacramento locations. Mikuni Sushi plans to roll back the prices on other rolls for the second half of the month. For more information, visit MikuniSushi.com.


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