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Sactown Mag's Food Content Hits the Web


Since Sactown Mag's launch in 2006, they've done a great job as another voice for our vibrant city. But one thing they didn't do was post much of their content online. That's changed. I'm not sure when exactly they made the switch, but I was tipped off to it by loyal reader Tania a couple weeks ago.

Here's a quick sample of the long form profiles they've published recently:

Local Motives - A new Davis eatery with a decidedly local spin opens next to the city’s train depot. With its eclectic vibe and its modern take on classic fare, Our House is definitely on the right track. Rick Kushman in Sactown Mag.

The Lyon King - The former chef-owner of the Zagat dining guide’s highest-rated restaurant in the Sacramento region, La Bonne Soupe Café, is back in business with a cozy new boîte in Folsom. Rob Turner in Sactown Mag.

La Dolce Biba - Martha Stewart helped make her a national treasure and Darrell Corti says she makes the single best dish in Sacramento. With a new cookbook, a new-look restaurant, and a decidedly old school work ethic, this celebrated restaurateur has served up the city’s most authentic Italian food for 25 years. Viva la Biba! Rick Kushman in Sactown Mag.

Science Fare - What happens when you mix Iron Chef with Mr. Wizard? Molecular gastronomy, that’s what. How Lounge on 20 is reinventing itself with compressed strawberries, carrot gel and, yes, mango “yolks” Kate Washington in Sactown Mag.

Brewster's Millions - After a multimillion-dollar renovation, one of Galt’s oldest and stateliest structures is now one of the Sacramento region’s newest culinary destinations. Matt Jaffe in Sactown Mag.

Check out all their food and drink coverage at SactownMag.com.


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