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Daily Dining News: RIP Roseville's The Counter Burger Bar, Replaced by Jack's Urban Eats

The Counter burger bar at the Fountains in Roseville will close on May 20. It will be replaced by the 8th Jack Urban Eats location, reports Mark Anderson in the Sac Biz Journal.

In the fall, the Fountains at Roseville will get the eighth location of Jack’s Urban Eats    , the epicurean cafeteria-style restaurant that started out in midtown Sacramento.

The Jack’s will take the 2,800-square-foot restaurant space now occupied by The Counter: Custom Built Burger restaurant. The Counter is closing and the space will be remodeled into a Jacks.

Jack’s is a counter-serve restaurant that features the kind of fare a diner would expect in a full-service restaurant. Jack’s lets diners choose toppings for their salads or sandwiches from a wide variety of ingredients. It also offers a choice of a number of hot side dishes including mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables, and macaroni and cheese.

Read the entire story in the Sac Biz Journal.

More News:

Gonul Blum to open Trio restaurant at 8th and J streets - First, Gonul Blum swapped places on J St. with Formoli's Bistro. Second, she changed the name of her Gonul's J Street Cafe to Vanilla Bean Bistro. Third, she'll be opening a new restaurant called Trio on 8th and J streets. It's the former site of Table 260 Downtown, the "soul food fusion" eatery which received one of the most ruthless reviews ever by The Bee's Blair Anthony Robertson (So sayeth BAR: "The food was so bad in places that if it had been served at the nearby county jail, crusading attorney Stewart Katz might have had a reasonable case for something like 'wanton disregard.'") Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

K Street's resurgence - The opening of Cafe Bernardo and KBar on K Street in the past two weeks by local restaurateur Randy Paragary are the latest steps in what many see as the street's return to its former status as a vibrant shopping and entertainment district. “What we’re seeing is a return of the nightlife centers to K Street, and that’s historically something it traditionally was,” said local historian William Burg. “A lot of it was forcibly done away with during the redevelopment era, but from the Gold Rush to the 1960s, K Street was where it was at.” Brandon Darnell in Sac Press.

Sacramento’s top 25 vegetarian dishes - It used to be that finding a good vegetarian meal in Sacramento was no easy feat. Sure, we’re nestled in one of the nation’s most fertile agricultural regions, but try telling that to the restaurant owners, who were once content to just nuke a frostbitten veggie burger or serve up an unappetizing plate of pasta and zucchini to those looking for a meat-free option. Whatever your reasons for going meatless, the region boasts myriad options these days. Members of SN&R’s crack editorial team (made up of two vegans, one vegetarian and one former vegetarian, with more than 70 years of vegetarianism between them) hunkered down to select their favorite dishes including Sacramento’s top five (based on a totally unscientific five-point ranking system, of course) as well as another 20 dishes we swear you have to try now. Becca Costello, Rachel Leibrock, Nick Miller and Shoka in Sac News & Review.

Ninja Sushi: The Zen of fish bits - There’s nothing stealthy about Ninja Sushi. In fact, entry can give one a start as Julian, the effusive host, offers a loud and longish greeting in Japanese that drowns out the din of the other diners at this former drive-thru. Even on busy Fridays, when the sake bombs are 99 cents. But like its namesake, Ninja delivers food with swiftness and skill. Greg Lucas in Sac News & Review.

addendum, Yountville - If the best things come in small packages, there’s perhaps no smaller package quite as good as the shack-like building directly behind Thomas Keller’s restaurant ad hoc in Yountville. Formally known as addendum, the bite-size establishment is home to some of the biggest flavors I’ve ever experienced. Brittany Mohr on Sac Foodies.


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