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Daily Dining News: 8 Great New Places to Eat

Consistent readers of this blog will already be familiar with these suggestions, but I know not everyone reads every post. Sactown Mag's Rick Kushman and Kate Washington rounded up eight new places to eat in the Sacramento region including:

Red Rabbit Kitchen & Bar:

That local emphasis is fitting—even the restaurant’s name was, yes, inspired by the arresting new sculpture at Sacramento’s airport; the partners liked the sound of it and their designers liked the look (the logo’s leaping red rabbit is reproduced in neon on the brick exterior)—because somehow the quickly opened, brand-new Red Rabbit feels like it’s been in Sacramento forever. Its partners are all longtime residents or natives (Nurge’s mom was a server for years at the late, lamented bar Joe Marty’s, and he says he grew up behind the bar there).

Red Rabbit fits our city well: It’s a little under the radar, not too full of itself, easy to like, and easy to hang out in. As Bays says, “We do our best to make people happy.”

Pork Belly Grub Shack:

What do you get when you put together two of Sacramento’s brashest and most inventive young chefs, a tattoo artist and a generous helping of pig parts and fried eggs?

Something very much like Natomas’s hot new lunch spot, Pork Belly Grub Shack, which opened in mid-December. There, a picnic vibe (think red-checked tablecloths and salvaged wood roof shingles) and all-you-can-meat fare (zingy Asian street tacos, fries topped with crispy pork belly, overstuffed burgers) liven up a formerly bland strip-mall location. The cool vibe comes thanks to the ministrations of chefs Billy Ngo of Kru and Aimal Formoli of Formoli’s Bistro, who own the place along with the latter’s wife Suzanne Ricci. She came up with the décor, which gets an assist from several quirky pieces of pig-themed art by Liz Miller of Relentless Tattoo Gallery (Formoli’s longtime tattoo artist).

Republic Bar & Grill, featuring Drewski's:

But the real draw is Blaskovich’s extended menu, which includes all the calorically reckless hits normally slung from his flame-emblazoned truck, such as rosemary-garlic tater tots, as well as some new Frankensteined food items that will set you back a few notches on the belt. In addition to inventive (and generous) salads, burgers, dogs and bar snacks, check out  the fried-chicken-and-waffle sandwich with a sweet and spicy maple dipping syrup or the “Tot-chos” (that’s tater tot nachos).

The Porch Bar & Restaurant:

The Porch opened last December and the result is an original cuisine for the Sacramento region, with homey mainstays like the slightly sweet, crispy cornbread and buttermilk fried chicken—a substantial plate with mashed potatoes, sausage gravy, soft collard greens, a flaky biscuit and chicken with a snappy black pepper crust and meat so juicy it’s almost thirst quenching. Then Clemons adds some twists. His luscious shrimp po’ boy sandwich includes avocado for a California imprint. The fried green tomatoes, which are delicate enough for any white-tablecloth institution, come with a nontraditional sidekick of mixed green salad with goat cheese and a red-pepper vinaigrette.

Also included were Mongo Mongo Mongolian BBQ, Monsoon Cuisine of India, Estelle's Patisserie and Selland's Market Cafe in El Dorado Hills.

Read the entire story in Sactown Magazine.

More News:

The Eatery - And the packed house last Tuesday afternoon was proof that people are enjoying the food at The Eatery, an inconspicuous restaurant squished between other businesses in the West Sacramento shopping center, Town Center Plaza. West Sacramento is still developing its dining options, and The Eatery is one of the trailblazing restaurants serving food of a higher quality with local and seasonal in mind. That should be a given, considering that West Sacramento is home to some of the most fertile farm land on the West Coast. Milbourn, like a lot of Sacramento chefs and restaurants lately, has partnered directly with West Sacramento’s Humble Roots Organic Farm. Adam Saake in Submerge Mag.

Sacramento's Osaka-Ya maintains traditions of handmade sweets - As on most scorching summer afternoons, the crowds have headed to an aging stretch of 10th Street to an oasis of the cool and sweet. Here, at the edge of downtown, most of the surrounding shops are closed on this Sunday – but it's rush hour at Osaka-Ya. A bustling line forms in front of its take-out window, where folks wait in flip-flops and swim trunks to score snow cones – cherry, bubble gum, root beer and more – made from a Japanese shaved ice machine. Generations of Sacramentans have enjoyed these icy treats at Osaka-Ya, a mom-and-pop Japanese market that's approaching 50 years of ownership by the Nakatani family. But the heart of its business goes beyond the snow cone take-out window. Step inside this small shop, and you'll find colorful rows of freshly made mochi and manju. Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

Duc Huong Sandwiches - I started looking around and came across Duc Huong across the street. The banh mi there are comparable (fresh veggies and tender meat), the shop is clean and the staff is super nice. There's been a few times that I wished that they could put in a little more meat and slap on a wee bit more mayo...but those thoughts are tossed aside once I bite into the bread. Oh, the bread! The bread is delish and has the most wonderful aroma! It's almost like the bread that I used to get at New Paris Bakery. Ally Gaffan on A Girl and her Fork.

61-cent hot dogs on sale in Sacramento Sunday - Wienerschnitzel, the Newport Beach-based hot dog chain, will be selling 61-cent hot dogs throughout the Sacramento region all day Sunday. Mark Glover in the Sac Bee.

VIDEO: Fried Food Mania at the Fair - Melissa Cabral was at the State Fair tasting all of the fried food. On Good Day Sac.


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