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Daily Dining News: Trio, Tako & Bacon & Butter Reviewed

Sac Bee restaurant critic Blair Anthony Robertson occasionally features brand new restaurants in his column, giving his First Impression of these places. This week, he writes about Trio, Tako Korean BBQ and Bacon & Butter.

On Trio:

It's the work of Gönül Blum, the former registered nurse turned restaurateur. You may know her for Gönül's J Street Cafe, which moved and shrunk into Vanilla Bean Bistro.

Trio features the same kind of Mediterranean cuisine that has won Blum a following among discerning foodies. But we can't recall ever having a meal so good at her other places.

For a new restaurant that was entirely empty and still a week away from landing its beer and wine license, it was a revelation.

On Tako Korean BBQ:

Tako is a great idea with good food, but it wasn't ready to be swarmed en masse. We got the food in about an hour, and it ranged from bland (the tofu tacos need work) to deliciously spicy (spicy pork burrito) to superbly original (the kimchi quesadilla). That last one is not only fun to say, it's crunchy, tasty and full of exotic Korean flavors.

The kimchi is actually made by co-owner Yunece Cho's mother, based on an old family recipe.

Cho's concept is simple – the menu is very small, but the food is lively, fresh and largely delicious. Everything is $6 or less. We thought the rice bowl could use tweaking – overwhelmed as it is with shredded cheese on top, making for a goopy dish that's out of sync with the rice and meat (or tofu).

On Bacon & Butter:

And on Sunday morning, the wait was so long that we bailed after an hour. The good news: People really flock to good food like this. The bad? People will wait for honest cooking done right, but they lose patience with inefficiency and chaos in the front of the house.

Zoellin tells me the staff is working to handle the weekend onslaught. Give B&B a shot on weekdays (except Monday) and you'll have little to no wait.

You can read the entire article in the Sac Bee.

I've previously given my Instant Reaction to Tako Korean BBQ and Bacon & Butter, and had very similar reactions. 

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