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Daily Dining News: Is Barwest to Blame for Noise, Fights?

Some Midtown residents are blaming Barwest for what they say is a surge in noise and fights since Bar West opened a year ago. Bar West patrons say that if they don't want to put up with it, neighbors should move to Natomas. Video from CBS 13.

More News:

Harry's Cafe a fine deal for Vietnamese, Chinese and American fare - When you see a menu offering both Chinese and Vietnamese food, experience probably tells you to be wary, that the quality of the cooking is apt to be watered down for the sake of expediency. That's a reasonable conclusion to draw – except in this case. Harry's Cafe is the real deal because the food is a reflection of everything Harry Luong is all about. He's an American immigrant success story through and through, modest and unsung as he may be. Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee. 

Feeding Crane Farms poised to launch product line, acquire commercial kitchen - If you follow the local food scene, you're probably already familiar with Feeding Crane Farms, a new boutique organic farm in within the city limits (in Natomas) that focuses on growing for local restaurants. The small urban farm has big plans. I recently caught up with Mike Ward to learn more. Ward, you may recall, was the talented chef de cuisine at Lounge on 20 where he was best known for his amazing charcuterie plates. When the restaurant went under, he quickly landed a job at Feeding Crane Farms in a newly created position - culinary development manager. That was back in May. Since then, Ward has been very busy - working, planning, dreaming. Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

Breakthrough reached on Sacramento food truck operations - A group of Sacramento food truck owners and local restaurant owners said Monday they've reached a breakthrough in their negotiations over the push for an expansion of mobile food vendor operations. The newly formed California Mobile Food Association has accepted some restrictions on food truck parking near established restaurants while gaining the ability to remain open longer. The city's new regulations would have different rules for food trucks based on the number of brick-and-mortar restaurants in specific geographic locations. Anne Gonzales in the Sac Bee. 

Eat a Sandwich, Build a Playground - When the playground at East Sacramento’s McKinley Park was destroyed by arsonists on July 28, the neighborhood immediately rallied to help rebuild it. And now, for the entire month of August, you too will have the chance to put your money where your mouth is by eating the popular Summer Sandwich at either of downtown’s two Ambrosia Cafe locations. That’s because the cafe is donating 10 percent of the proceeds from the sale of every sandwich, which costs $6.95, to the Friends of East Sacramento to help rebuild the playground. On Sactown Mag.

Counter Culture: Tuscan treats fill the plates at Vaiano Trattoria - We chose Italian the other day and dropped by the small Vaiano, in a fading strip mall in Granite Bay. It's named after the Tuscan village (population 9,500-plus) and hometown of Patrizia Russo-Hickok. She and husband Nathan Hickok co-own the trattoria. "Most of our (recipes) are based on what Patrizia grew up with in Vaiano," Nathan Hickok said. "(Our menu) is very Tuscan. Our lasagna, for example, is made with just pasta, meat sauce, bechamel sauce and Parmesan. You don't readily encounter (such a version)." Allen Pierleoni in the Sac Bee.


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