Dining Deals: Chillers Grub & Brew, Ally Katz, Pete's Restaurant
Daily Dining News: Shady Lady 'Nails' Bar Snacks

Top 15 Cowtown Eats Posts of July 2012


The top 15 most popular posts (separate from the Top 15 Happy Hours list) of July 2012 were:

  1. Cowtowneats Guide to Late Night Happy Hours
  2. Daily Dining News: Sapporo Grill Closed by Health Department
  3. Instant Reaction: Tako Korean BBQ
  4. Daily Dining News: Korean Tacos Comes to Alhambra Blvd. on Friday
  5. Daily Dining News: RIP River Rock Tap House
  6. Top 15 Happy Hours of 2011
  7. Sacramento Happy Hour Map
  8. Daily Dining News: Chando's Tacos Second Location Opens Tomorrow
  9. 13 Places to Get Bottomless Mimosas in Sacramento
  10. Daily Dining News: More Details on River Rock's Closure
  11. How to Save 50 Percent at Good Restaurants, Third Edition
  12. Daily Dining News: Squeeze Inn Adds Food Truck
  13. Daily Dining News: 8 Great New Places to Eat
  14. Daily Dining News: Aioli's Owner Opens La Bombe Ice Cream Parlor
  15. Daily Dining News: Details Emerge on Possible German Beer Hall Replacement for Lounge on 20
This list is determined by which posts visitors to Cowtown Eats click on.

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