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Daily Dining News: Wicked 'Wich Owners to Open West Sac Bar

Continuing the trend of successful food truck owners graduating to brick and mortar locations, Wicked 'Wich will be opening a new restaurant and bar, Broderick, in West Sac in October.

Broderick, set to open at 319 Sixth St. in October, will be a working-class bar with stiff drinks, big portions and a no-frills, no-nonsense approach, according to manager and co-owner Chris Jarosz, who is also the operator of the Wicked ‘wich food truck.

"It will be real American bar food," Jarosz said. "No Nouveau California cuisine, no fusion this or that. It's just going to be pure, unadulterated, old-school Middle-American bar food: heavy-duty comfort food, but as good as it gets."

The menu is still in development, but Jarosz said he has items in mind like East Coast-style chicken wings (big, fat and meaty), monster burgers, Philly cheesesteaks – the kind of hearty bar food that goes down well with beer, which will also be available in abundance.

Read the entire story in Sac Press. Find Broderick at their Facebook page.

More News:

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When It Comes to Reservations, Time Is Money - While airlines and hotels have figured out how to vary prices to fill flights and rooms, restaurants’ methods have largely remained in the icebox age. Now, some restaurants are borrowing a tactic from other hospitality businesses and charging different prices for meals at different times. The restaurants’ premise is that a dinner at 8 p.m. on Saturday should simply cost more than one at 5:30 on a Monday. “Restaurants are catching up,” said Sheryl E. Kimes, professor of operations management at Cornell’s school of hotel administration. They are betting that consumers, used to paying extra for holiday-weekend flights, V.I.P. seats at the theater or umbrellas on the street after the first raindrop hits, will also pay more for their Friday-night dinners out. Stephanie Clifford in the NY Times.

Friday Food: Elkhorn Saloon - It's an old building that has had a storied past. Originally founded in 1878 as the Elkhorn Saloon, is has since been a post office, a brothel, and a gambling hall. Now it's under new ownership and is sure to impress. Stan Goman is one of the owners. On KFBK.


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