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Dining News: Blackbird's 'Broken Wings'


Blackbird Kitchen & Bar launched with so much promise in April, but after nearly a half year, has its promise been fulfilled? Sac News & Review's Becky Gruenwald says, not really.

Many of the restaurant’s dishes need small tweaks, as well. The mound of scallop and infant squid in the “ceviche” is lacking in citrus flavor both times I sample it. It’s oceanic and tender, but too mild to hold up against the thick corn chips it’s meant to be scooped with. The menu also promises Thai basil in this dish; I hunt high and low and find mint and baby cilantro, but no basil. Indeed, quite a few dishes on the menu play fast and loose with the listed ingredients.

I order the green-bean starter and instead get the pan-blistered shishito peppers, many of which are near raw and in need of some further blistering. After apologies, the bean dish with fried quinoa finally appears, but the beans are overblanched and the nutty, crunchy quinoa doesn’t integrate with the dish.

Read the entire review in Sac News & Review.

I've been there three or four times, and I've found the food to be good, but the service still lacking. I still think they have promise, and I hope they continue to work out their kinks so they can survive and thrive in the very competetive Sacramento restaurant marketplace.

More News:

Burgess Brothers' Burgers owned by twins – one firefighter, one CHP officer - A friendly burger contest between Matt Burgess of the California Highway Patrol and his twin brother, Jon Burgess of the Sacramento Fire Department, led to the opening of Burgess Brothers’ Burgers three weeks ago near Sacramento City College. According to Matt, his brother challenged him to a burger cook-off being hosted by Good Day Sacramento. Matt won the contest, and the two decided to combine the best of both of their burgers and turn it into a restaurant. Brandon Darnell in Sac Press.

Dawson's Doubletake - OK. So I'm playing with a bit of alliteration to catch your attention. Of course, I could just say, "LOBSTER MAC N CHEESE TOPPED WITH LOCAL CAVIAR" and that would probably do an even better job of getting your attention. It certainly got mine when I tasted it! But that's not the only item worth noting at Dawson's. Food blogging has its privileges and this was one. I was invited to a special tasting of new menu items that will start on Monday, September 17th. Dawson's has a new Executive Chef, Jason Poole, and Dawn, from Kitchen Travels, and myself were invited to lunch to meet the chef and taste some items. Catherine Enfield on Munchie Musings.

Petition targets In-N-Out, asking for vegetarian option - Talk about sacred cows. There’s an effort on to urge In-N-Out Burger to offer a vegetarian meal. In-N-Out’s menu today is pretty much the same one it had when the first one opened in 1948. It has always been very limited — burgers, fries, shakes and drinks. That’s it. Mark Anderson in Sac Biz Journal.

Natomas Marketplace Jamba Juice Store Closes - The Jamba Juice store located in the Natomas Marketplace shopping center adjacent to the movie theater has closed. While the location is still listed on the Jamba Juice corporate website, a sign on the door at 3571 Truxel Road Suite 1 directs customers to locations on Gateway Oaks Drive and Natomas Boulevard. On Natomas Buzz.

Audio: Friday Food - Taste Of Sacramento - Unlimited food, wine and beer all for the price of one ticket. It's the Easter Seals' Taste Of Sacramento and it's happening a week from today. One of the vendors that will be there is 3D Candies, a Sacramento based, family-owned, Gourmet Caramel company. Handcrafted Savory caramels are produced specifically to pair with wines. The concept is to give the taster an experience outside of the norm. Eric Straub is one of the owners. Gary Novak is with Easter Seals. On KFBK.


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