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Daily Dining News: Yellowbill, Magia & Burgess Brothers Burgers Reviewed

Sac Bee restaurant critic Blair Anthony Robertson has been busy trying a trio of new restaurants in town. Here are snippets of his first impressions:

Yellowbill Cafe Bakery: We found that same cookie during a recent visit to Yellowbill, along with plenty of other baked goods, including a lemon tart with intense citrus flavor, appealing tartness and an excellent buttery crust; a chocolate tart; peanut butter sandwich cookie; a rich brownie; and a wonderful, extra-large chocolate chip cookie that stood out for its wealth of dark, pleasingly bitter chocolate chunks. We also admired the espresso machine – a big, bold, yellow one, and spied a cute yellow tamp for compacting the coffee before a shot is pulled. The coffee is supplied by Chocolate Fish, the coffee wizards at the corner of Third and Q streets.

Mangia: We were impressed by the sandwiches, all under $10, made with high-quality breads and meats, and with a variety of tasty sauces or aiolis. They were of good size, too. The bagels with eggs were decent, though supply was limited during one of my visits, and I wound up with – and survived – a jalapeño- and-cheddar bagel.

Burgess Brothers' Burgers: Burgess Brothers' isn't trying to do gourmet, Wagyu or high-end. But this new place has found a nice quality-price balance, with burger options ranging from $2.95 for sliders to $7.95 for a loaded "Hero" burger – a beef patty covered with smoked pulled pork, cheese and grilled onions. The standard burger is $4.95. All of burgers come with fries. The tri-tip is cooked low and slow in a smoker. The various sauces, including a hot one, are made in-house.

Sounds like all three places are on the right track. I'll have to stop by soon to give them a try.

Read the entire story in the Sac Bee.

More News:

Sacramento's First Mobile Food Pod - I have a dream - of a mobile food pod in Sacramento. That dream will hopefully come true within the next six months. You can get a glimpse of the dream this coming Saturday, October 6th. Catherine Enfield on Munchie Musings.

Faces owner Terry Sidie opens new club, domino effect for other businesses - There’s a business shuffle in Lavender Heights. The Kennedy Gallery left its space adjacent to Headhunters and moved into the Victorian house on the corner of 20th and L streets. The owners of the costume shop that formerly occupied the space retired, and it was all so that Headhunters and Faces owner Terry Sidie could relaunch his first Sacramento nightclub – Club Bojangles – in the art gallery’s recently vacated space. Club Bojangles is a rebirth of the first club that Sidie owned, back in the 1970s. His subsequent establishments, like Club Bojangles, all cater to the gay community, but welcome straight people as well. Brandon Darnell in Sac Press.

Sac Food Trucks: Drewski’s & OM Karmabile - This food truck has two goals: fill your belly with delicious Indian fusion cuisine and send you on your way with a little good Karma. I’m a fan of both. The food part is a no-brainer and I was very excited to try it because I rarely eat Indian food, mainly because I have yet to find a great Indian restaurant in Sacramento. (Suggestions please!) The bit about the Karma though, that’s a head scratcher at first. I learned the reason for the truck’s name when I went to drop a tip in the jar. After a thank you I was told they donate all of their tips to different children’s charities, currently St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. I was thrilled with my lunch choice even before my order was up! Tiffany Cascio on Girls on Food.

Taylor's Market in Sacramento makes Sunset magazine's top 50 food stores - A new generation of food shops is emerging across the West with an old-fashioned focus on local, artisanal food, but at Taylor's Market in Sacramento, this approach has been a tradition for 50 years now. That's why the Land Park institution takes its place alongside brash newcomers in Sunset magazine's list of the 50 best food stores from New Mexico to Montana, from Arizona to Hawaii. "We love Taylor's for what they've been doing for a long time. … They teach butchering classes, and they locally source their food," said Christine Ciarmello, Sunset's deputy editor. Cathie Anderson in the Sac Bee.

Audio: Friday Food Featuring TrailFest 2012 And Boulevard Bistro In Elk Grove - There's nothing like watching chefs battle it out during a competition. Now you can see it live and in person with all local chefs. Trailfest 2012 is coming. Bet Bohlman of Boulevard Bistro in Elk Grove is one of the competitors. Betsy Mahan is with the President of Rails-To-Trails. Michael Passmore is providing the secret ingredient for the competition. On KFBK.


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