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Free Coffee from Peet's on Wednesdays in October


Looking for a free cup of joe as a pick me up? Look no further than Peet's Coffee, which is giving away a free small, 12 oz. cup of their Café Solano or Café Domingo coffee at their Sacramento locations.

I'm not a coffee afficionado, but here's how Peet's Coffee describes these two blends.

Cafe Solano: A world blend from the Indo-Pacific, African and Latin American regions. Floral notes and a subtle fruit essence for a lively, yet rounded cup.

Cafe Domingo: A smooth, balanced, medium-bodied blend of three coffees from Latin America. Hints of toffee sweetness and a clean, crisp finish.

Offer expires on Wednesday, Oct. 31. For more information, PeetsMediumRoast.com.

Local Peet's Coffees can be found at:

  • 19th & R (Safeway parking lot)
  • 20th & J
  • Alhambra & Folsom (next to Fed Ex/Kinkos)
  • 37th & J


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