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Monday Night Football Specials at The Graduate in Davis

Just 'cause you're over in Davis doesn't mean you aren't looking for great deals during Monday Night Football. The Davis Graduate offers two Miller Lights for $6 all game. But if you're paying attention to the game, you could get a couple more specials based on what's going on in the game.


Touchdown - $5 Jagerbomb

Fumble - $5 Slippery Nipple

No. 69 Scores -  69 Cent You Call Its

Defense or Special Teams Scores - $5 Long Island Iced Teas

Injury Timeout - $5 Hooters

QB Sack - $5 Kamakazi

One team is losing by 22+ points - $4 mercy rule happy hour, good for teas, premiums, drafts and microbrews

The Davis Graduate is located at 805 Russell Blvd.

Previously-featured spots to watch Monday Night Football:

Do you have a favorite Monday Night Football spot? Send it to me at Darrel@CowtownEats.com and I'll including it in the coming weeks.


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