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Top 15 Happy Hours of September 2012


The 15 most popular Sacramento happy hours of September 2012 on were:

  1. BJ's Restaurant & Brewery (Last month's rank: 1)
  2. Blue Cue (Last month: Unranked)
  3. Firestone Public House (Last month's rank: 2)
  4. Republic Bar & Grill (Last month's rank: 3)
  5. Lucca (Last month's rank: 4)
  6. Blackbird Kitchen & Bar (Last month's rank: 5)
  7. Burgers and Brew (Last month's rank: 6)
  8. Chicago Fire - Midtown (Last month's rank: 10)
  9. Paesanos (Last month's rank: 11)
  10. KBAR(Last month's rank: 13)
  11. Nishiki Sushi (Last month's rank: 7)
  12. Pizza Rock (Last month's rank: 9)
  13. Fat's Asia Bistro (Last month's rank: 15)
  14. McCormick and Schmick’s (Last month's rank: 8)
  15. Red Rabbit (Last month's rank: 12)

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* Corrected on 10/6/2012.


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