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Buy One, Get One Free Tillamook Yogurt

Tillamook Yogurt is a newcomer to the scene dominated by stalwarts in the industry. We've all tried them and some are good, and some aren't as good.

In an effort to keep the pounds off while enjoying too many happy hours drinks and appetizers, I've incorporated a yogurt and oatmeal into my daily routine. (Here's a Livestrong article about losing weight by eating yogurt and oatmeal twice a day.) I haven't had the chance to try Tillamook Yogurt yet, but I have no doubt it's great and plan on trying some in the next week.

Here are some facts about the Tillamook yogurt:

  • Farmer-owned for over 100 years
  • They use only natural ingredients
  • Use only real fruit
  • No high fructose corn syrup

Click here for to get a Buy One, Get one Free coupon.

The folks at Tillamook are launching their product first in San Francisco, Salt Lake City and Sacramento. In Sac, you can find it at grocery stores everywhere including:

  • Safeway (19th & S, On Alhambra, West Capitol)
  • Target (Broadway & Riverside)
  • Raley's (Land Park, West Sac, Natomas)

Find more stores carrying Tillamook Yogurt here.

Note: Tillamook is a paid sponsor of Cowtown Eats.


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