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Dining News: Ryu Jim Ramen 'Offers Pleasant Food at a Decent Price'

Ramen's really evolved from the thing you ate in college when times were tough to a real gourmet meal. Lately, there's been discussion on local blogs as to whether Shoki Ramen House was the best in town, or whether Ryu Jin Ramen House (19th & S) was a worthy competitor. By reading Garrett McCord's review in the Sac News & Review, it sounds like they belong in the good, but not great category.

Most of the appetizers offered here are frozen and reheated. I was informed the gyoza (potstickers) were made in the kitchen, but they were mushy and bland—no bite of scallion or sour ping of vinegar, not even a hint of ginger. Total gyoza sacrilege...

Each tonkotsu has plenty of noodles, a sparse offering of thinly sliced barbecued pork called chashu, often some greens, scallions, and an ajitama (soft-boiled egg) that may or may not be cold when it should be meltingly warm with a custardy yolk.

Elsewhere on the menu, the tan tan men should not be missed. It’s ramen in a soy sauce broth with an adolescent level of spice served with ground pork, minced shiitake mushrooms, bamboo, sesame paste and a salad’s worth of spinach. Warm and comforting with a nutty sweetness, it looks and tastes like a slice of Tokyo street life...

Overall, Ryu Jin offers pleasant food at a decent price. None of it is revolutionary, but it is a relaxing way to fill up.

Read the entire review in the Sac News & Review.

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