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Dining News: Sac Mag's Cheap Eats, Part 3

Recap: The Taste, Episode 5, 'The Art of the Sandwich' ** Spoilers **

In this week's The Taste with Sacramento's own Chef Adam Pechal, the first round competition asked each contestant to create a sandwich. Each team then selected their best sandwich to compete with the other team's selected sandwiches, with the creator of the best sandwich overall winning immunity.

The guest judges for the first round were Mario Carbone and Rich Torrisi, the chef/owners of Torrisi Italian Specialities.

The show editors didn't tell us what Adam made, but we know it had ground lamb, baked in a muffin pan. Apparently, the pre-ground lamb wasn't all meat. "Aw! What did i just hit that just cracked my tooth," asked Chef Brian Malarkey after he took a taste of Chef Pechal's sandwich. "Shut up. A peppercorn? No. A bone from meat I didn't grind," responded Adam.

After being passed over, Adam said, "It sucks. I made a really solid, solid sandwich."

Greg of Team Ludo won the team competition, and received the assistance of the two guest chefs for the individual competition.

In the individual challenge, the contestants were asked to make another sandwich, and the celebrity judges encouraged the competitors to expand their horizons.


"I'm diving into one of my all-time favorites - the, cubano. It's got pork, some pickles. I'm feeling really good about this one."

Adam's sandwich was tasted first.


Adam: I do a great version of the cubano. really nice pork loin, bacon, house-made pickles, peaches, and jalapeños. It should be a winner.

Chef Nigella Lawson: Is that chicken or turkey? Chicken? Tomato?


Adam: (imitates british accent) "i think there's a bit of tomahto." (normal voice) there's not a tomato in my station.

Chef Nigella: Is that gruyere?

Adam: Gruyere cheese - the one thing she got right about it.

Chef Ludo: It's a panini?

Chef Malarkey: It's a club. Chicken bacon cheese panini.


Chef Nigella: It hasn't taken us anywhere.

As the judges deliberated, Adam seemed incredulous.


Adam: They missed the protein. They thought there was chicken in there. I don't remember having any chicken on my station.

In the end, again, Adam didn't have the worst or best tastes, so he survives another week.


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