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Dining News: Foundation Restaurant & Bar to Replace 4th St. Grill


Foundation Restaurant & Bar, which bills itself on its Web site as "an up an coming neighborhood eatery with a nostalgic bar from old San Francisco featuring local farm produce, sustainable fresh fish and humanely raised meats," will fill the space vacated by 4th St. Grill at 4th & L Streets.

More succinctly, they say they'll be a "New American Eatery with a Kick Ass Bar."

I called the number listed on their Web site on Thursday evening, but the person who picked up the phone said they were too busy to talk at the moment - understandable when I just cold call them.

The executive chef listed on the site is Jeramie Smith. According to a quick Google search, a chef with the same name was also the executive chef at 4th Street Grill in 2005. Here's a video of Chef Jeramie on Sacramento & Co. The site describes the chef as "a 20 year veteran of the local culinary scene honing his knowledge and skills working at the finest restaurants in Northern California." He is listed as the (now former) chef on 4th Street Grille's Facebook Page. In 2003, Chef Jeramie worked at Chops.

They also have a menu posted online. If they keep the menu as posted, appetizers will range from $6 to $14, sandwiches will run from $9 for a burger to $14 for a prawn po'boy, and entrees will be approximately $20.

The menu also suggests they'll have a happy hour.

On the door of the establishment, they have a note to neighbors.


And finally, they have a note on their site saying they are "just few weeks away from opening.  As with any new business endeavors, we have had our shares of delays.  The Foundation Restaurant & Bar would like to thank everyone for the support and patience. - Matt & Krissy"

Based on public record searches, Matt & Krissy appear to be Matt Sin and Krissy White.

Matt Sin is listed as the (now former) General Manager on 4th Street Grill's Facebook page.

If you take a look at their Web site, they have pictures of the remodeled interior of the building. The new space looks amazing, with a reconfigured dining area and great looking bar.

Now that they're in the pre-opening stage, they're hiring servers, bartenders, busers, and cooks. Click here if want to apply.

I'm not sure when they're going to open. Based on the pictures, a lot of work has been done outside, but the awnings outside still read 4th Street Grill. Whenever it is, I look forward to them opening, and I can't wait to try their food.

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awnings were being replaced at 4th Street/Foundations yesterday when I walked past at lunch time.

All the awnings were still up when I visited yesterday at 6:30 p.m.

Let's hope their service as Foundation Restaurant & Bar is much improved from when it was 4th Street. When your drinks are not refilled and lunch service takes over an hour, you are not going to draw patrons who only have a limited amount of time available for lunch.

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