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Dining News: RIP Gallagher's, The Broiler


Gallagher's, the venerable Irish pub at 11th & K, and its sister restaurant and neighbor The Broiler closed over the weekend, reports Allen Pierleoni in the Sac Bee.

While there's a lot of nostalgia about The Broiler, I never understood its appeal. I work a block away from the place and frequent Ella 10 times more often than The Broiler.

I will, however, miss Gallagher's. In the recent past, it had a great burger for only a couple bucks during happy hour. It was also served as the de facto place for many social functions - the perfect mix between a dive bar and a place where professionals could gather. Gallagher's will be missed.

As far as I can tell, no news organization has been able to track down owner Larry Lords for official word on why it closed. Walking by the place often, though, I won't be shocked if he admitted it was due to a lack of business.

With every restaurant closing comes great opportunity. The two restaurants sit in prime real estate. I can't wait to see what the next great Sacramento chef is thinking up.

More News:

Former chef of Ella comes back home to open two new restaurants on K Street - After six months in Mill Valley as the culinary director for celebrity chef Tyler Florence, Mike Thiemann, former head chef of Ella Dining Room and Bar, is returning to his hometown of Sacramento to launch two downtown eateries in the next year. “I am finally laying roots down,” says Thiemann. “I have been all over the place cooking everywhere, and so it is nice to end that journey in a place that I really care about.” Stephanie Towne in Sactown Mag.

Simon's gets makeover - Political fortunes rise and fall, but no matter what, California governors, senators and Assembly members still gotta eat. Dozens of them have done so at Simon's Bar & Cafe, and snapshots of them and their staff members nearly fill three walls at the restaurant. It's now much easier to see them, as owner Simon Chan has taken the bars off the windows to let more light into the restaurant. The wood gleams and the photos stand out. A fresh coat of paint also helps to set them off. Walls that were once orange and black are now bluish-green. Cathie Anderson in the Sac Bee. (Second Item)

Gone, baby, gone - Kira O'Donnell brought 50 pies to sell at East Sacramento Mercantile. Let's just say, she way underestimated Sacramento's appetite for the return of her Real Pie Co. "I got there at 2:15 p.m., but the Mercantile folks said people started lining up at 12:30," she said. "Very touching." O'Donnell sold out in 15 minutes. Cathie Anderson in the Sac Bee.

Eat brisket, get tanked - Sacramento is getting kind of fancy these days, what with its craft cocktails and Michelin-star-chasing chefs. But husband-and-wife team Tyler and Melissa Williams, co-owners of the new Midtown spot Tank House BBQ and Bar (1925 J Street), have set their sights on something else: down-home, old-fashioned barbecue—a type of food whose presence has been scant on the grid up to this point. Open as of last Wednesday, August 21, at the site of a historic Midtown water tank, the restaurant features a small, focused menu, a diverse beer selection and an outdoor patio with a backyard-hangout vibe. Tyler, formerly a bartender at The Golden Bear, Melissa and their 18-month-old son, Huck—barbecue aficionado in training—sat down with SN&R to talk about keeping it real, keeping it smoky and keeping it saucy. Deena Drewis in Sac News & Review.

VIDEO: Brawls Keep on Breaking out in Old Town Roseville - Roseville police want scenes like the February stabbing they had to rush to outside of the Onyx Club to disappear from their streets. But, someone seems to have hit repeat on bad behavior in Old Town. “Brawls in the middle of the street with up to 50 people in them. Last weekend we had a woman assaulted by a man. When we arrested that man his relative came to pull him away from us. The weekend before that, a guy in the bar assaulted somebody and continued to punch them until they were unconscious,” said Roseville Police chief Daniel Hahn. Sonseeahray Tonsall on FOX 40.


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