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Tonight (Monday night) was Tuli Bistro's last night in business for the forseeable future, a source close to Tuli Bistro confirmed to Cowtown Eats.

Tuli, Chef Adam Pechal's first restaurant in Sacramento, opened in 2008, followed by Restaurant Thir13en in 2011. Restaurant Thir13en closed last month, but Chef Pechal announced last week that he would be teaming with the owner of Bar West and one of his former competitors from ABC cooking competition show The Taste to take over Crawdad's on Garden Highway.

The source, who was granted anonymity since this person was not authorized to discuss the restaurant's closing, said Chef Pechal may reopen Tuli in the same spot after finding new investors.

An e-mail this afternoon to a representative of Chef Pechal was not returned.

Tuli Bistro is a neighborhood gem, and it will be greatly missed. Because of its more casual feel, open kitchen and chef's table, Tuli was my favorite of Chef Pechal's restaurants. I've brought my parents there when they've come to visit. I've gone on dates there, celebrated birthdays there and brought out of town co-workers to Tuli to show off some of the best of our city's cooking. In total, I've eaten there at least a half dozen times, most recently on Dec. 18 and what turned out to be my last meal there was fantastic.

Twitter had been buzzing about Tuli's closure since at least Saturday, Feb. 15.

I drove by tonight at about 6:30 p.m. to see if there was a note on the door announcing its closure, but the place was buzzing, but not packed. I now regret not stopping by for one final meal.

Tuli was and hopefully will again be located at the corner of S and 21st streets.


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