Dining News: Revamped Blackbird to Open on Tuesday
Why is Broadacre Coffee Closed?

Dining News: Now Open - Cafe Plan B

Plan B Cafe (2)

Cafe Plan B, the midtown outpost of Plan B Restaurant located at Watt and Fair Oaks, soft opened this week for lunch only, said owner Lionel Lucas in an interview today.

The initial plan is to do two weeks of lunch only service, and if things go as planned, dinner service will be added on March 3. But Lucas stressed that he's willing to take his time to ramp up his restaurant to ensure a pleasant experience for his customers even if it takes a year.

Plan B Cafe (3)

The restaurant already has a full liquor license. While they won't have a mixologist on staff, the 60 seat establishment will be able to pair a meal with a good drink.

The menu consists of five main courses, which are permanent. During the soft menu, Cafe Plan B is only serving a condensed version of what their menu will eventually become, eventually adding more large salads and soups. The new restaurant is also using an innovative iPad ordering system.

Plan B Cafe (1)

Plan B restaurant's first incarnation was as a neighborhood favorite in the Pocket before it moved to Arden.

Cowtown Eats was the first to report the opening of the restaurant back in April 2013.

Photos are courtesy of Cafe Plan B.

Cafe Plan B is located at 1226 20th Street, and can be found online at CafePlanB.com. It fills the spot formerly occupied by Capitol Dawg.

More News:

Noah Zonca leaves Capital Dime as its chef/owner - Noah Zonca has announced that he’s left midtown’s Capital Dime as its chef and co-owner...Zonca says he’s splitting from the partnership to pursue his own catering company that cooks prix fixe dinners in homes, along with other business opportunities. Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

Sacramento city officials to further study smoking bans in outdoor dining areas - Sacramento City Council members want to examine how smoking bans in outdoor dining areas work in other California cities before crafting an ordinance that would regulate bars and restaurants in the capital city. “I want to make sure I understand what is out there,” said Councilman Steve Cohn, adding that he was interested in what is – and isn’t – regulated in bans in cities such as San Francisco, San Jose and San Diego. Tillie Fong in the Sac Bee.

First Bite: Mother - A loosely packed, textural carrot nut burger, embellished with feisty harissa mayonnaise, thick slices of pickled pink onion and a lusty sliver of smoked Portobello mushroom, was a winner; and the chicken-fried mushrooms, cradled in a white bowl with a juicy chunk of Meyer lemon—were fabulous. Deeply roasted Brussels sprouts, dotted with chopped, sweet dates, was an inspiring dish; and a robust Portobello poutine, doused in an earthy mushroom gravy, was a satisfying nosh on a chilly afternoon. Kira O'Donnell in Sac Mag.

Mom-and-pop cupcake shops hang on despite a changing market - The closure of two cupcake shops in the past month hints that Sacramento’s love affair with this frosted delicacy is cooling as more novel confections sweep in. Midtown bakery and sandwich shop TreyBCakes, once featured on Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars,” closed for good Jan. 31 when owner Trey Luzzi left for government service. His departure from the food scene followed the Jan. 19 closure of Icing on the Cupcake, a Rocklin-based cupcake chain with four local stores that folded due to financial struggles. Sammy Caiola in the Sac Bee.

Magpie Cafe plans spot at 16 Powerhouse - With a space that fills up quickly for lunch and dinner during the week and brunch on the weekends, Inouye said, it’s become obvious that it’s time to find a new home for the cafe side of the operation. Though the square footage is about the same, the space at 16 Powerhouse, at 16th & P streets, is better formatted for a restaurant, she said. “It’s a real restaurant instead of a cozy corner where you have to fight to get a table,” Inouye said. At the R Street site, the kitchen takes up two-thirds of the space; the 16 Powerhouse site will be two-thirds dining room. Ben van der Meer in Sac Biz Journal.

VIDEO: Chocolate Fish Coffee Brewing 'Morning Beer' Coffee With Nitrogen - It looks and feels like a bar drink, but it's served by a barista, and there's only one place in town you can find this alcohol-free drink. On CBS 13.


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