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RIP Mangia

Mangia, by the owners of local chain Paesanos, closed on Tuesday, and the space will be turned into an extension of Paesanos for large parties, the restaurant announced on Facebook on Tuesday evening.

Dear Friends...thank you for your support over the past 18 months. We appreciate your patronage and have truly enjoyed serving you. Due to the large volume of requests for large party dining at Paesanos Midtown that we cannot currently accommodate we have begun the conversion of Mangia! into a banquet space for large groups looking for a Paesanos dining experience. Our banquet menu will soon be available at www.Paesanos.biz. Look for some of your favorite Mangia! sandwiches to make an appearance on the menu at Paesanos and Paesanos Pronto. Thank you for your understanding and we hope to see you at our other restaurant locations soon.

There were signs that the restaurant, which originally opened in Sept. 2012, wasn't well and had publicly discussed making the shift into a larger event venue for Paesanos in the evenings.

Per an Allen Pierleoni story in late February in the Sac Bee:

All righty, then. Another observation: Though Mangia stocks a dozen beers on tap and up to 30 in bottles, the place closes at 6 p.m. Which doesn’t leave much of a window for happy hour...

[T]here is good reason why Mangia shortened its original closing time.

“We get requests on a weekly basis (to accommodate) special-occasion groups of 30 or more at Paesanos (next door),” Scarpulla explained. “So we’re putting together a banquet program to serve groups larger than we’re able to serve at Paesanos. It will fuse some of what Mangia does and some of what Paesanos does. But (during the day) Mangia will stay Mangia.”

Sac Bee restaurant critic Blair Anthony Robertson noted their early closing times as in January 2014.

Over the 18 months, I ate there three times (that I can recall). It was always good, but also always empty - especially the times I went for happy hour and dinner. I can't say I'm surprised they're closed, but glad that they're making good use for the space.

Mangia was located at 1800 Capitol Ave.


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