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Dining News: Now Open - Ancho Mexican Grill

Dining News: Trick Pony Owner Does Another Interview, Should Stop While Behind

I was traveling for work last week, so I'm a little late in finding this amazing Sac Foodways interview by Becky Gruenwald with Rick Lobley, Melissa Sanchez (who are partners in Capital Dime and the new Trick Pony), Trick Pony chef Paul Caravelli and Capital Dime and former Tuli chef Stan Moore.

If you'll recall, Lobely famously said recently, " I’m tired of driving two hours to get a really good pizza."

Grenwald asks owner Lobely and chef Caravelli to elaborate/explain their side of the story. But instead of setting the record straight, the Trick Pony folks seem to want to spend their time attacking the media (which is strange since they agreed to do the interview).

Some of the highlights:

Taking the Sac Bee to task for their restaurant reporting: "The Bee takes things out of context they make it whatever works best for them. They like to stir up shit, controversy, they never support anything in this town. Name one place they support."

Accusing Gruenwald of having ulterior motives: "She’s scared. She’s like: I just came here to make you look like a dick."

Read the entire interview in Sac Foodways.

It seems like Lobley, one of the partners, is competing with Blackbird Chef/Owner Carina Lampkin for who can do a worse series of interviews leading up to the opening of their restaurant.

But like Lampkin and Blackbird, if the food's good, people will probably come. On the other hand, if it's not perfect, I don't think many people will give this place a second try.

More News:

16 Best Gelatos at Gelato World Tour (And We Tried Them All) - Bananas Foster by Elizabeth McCleary of Devine Gelateria & Café, Sacramento, CA. New Orleans Chef Paul’s creation of Bananas Foster is re-invented into gelato. Ripe bananas cooked in brown sugar, butter, banana liqueur and cinnamon. The bananas are finished off with dark rum and combined with our white base. It’s variegated and topped with caramel and pecans to complete this incredible gelato. Jane Ko at A Taste of Koko.

Good Brew News! - There’s a new brewery coming to Hollywood Park on 24th Street. It’s just what the neighborhood needs, a local gathering spot where people can eat, drink, and be merry. It will be called The Fountainhead Brewery. One of the owners, Mark Bojecsu, was thinking “water theme” and his partner Daniel Moffatt was thinking literary titles or characters. “We eventually came across the Ayn Rand novel that seemed to cover both of those,” Daniel told me. Greg Brown in Valley Community News.

Specialty food company Preservation & Co. using Kickstarter to fund retail store - A local company famous for its bloody mary mix hopes the second time’s a charm for its crowdfunding efforts. Sacramento-based Preservation & Co. exceeded its goal when it first turned to Kickstarter last year, raising $4,000 more than its $10,000 goal. But there was a problem. Due to a variety of unforeseen costs, the company needs more money for its new retail and production facility. Sonya Sorich in Sac Biz Journal.

Filipino food: The next big thing in Asian cuisine? - The forecast of national culinary trends shows a clear movement on its radar: Filipino food is poised to become the latest craze. Celebrity chef Alan Zimmern declared as much in People magazine, placing Filipino cuisine right after the now ubiquitous Cronut as the next big thing to take hold of the country’s taste buds...To find the heart of Sacramento’s Filipino food culture, head to an area not far from Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento. Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

Curtis Park grocer meets a bottled-up need for craft brews - Word is slowly getting out that this place is poised to become a destination for lovers of craft beer. Two years ago, Gorgis bought the store at the corner of Second Avenue and 24th Street. It was run-down, and its reputation had withered since its tenure as a Compton’s Market. Gorgis, 28, recognized an opportunity to revamp the store’s image by stocking a few high-caliber beers. Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

VIDEO: Mother's Day Brunch @ Hook and Ladder - Cambi Brown was at the Mother's Day Brunch @ Hook and Ladder. On Good Day Sac.


Word of advice- when opening a restaurant or bar stay away from naming it after controversial figures like Ayn Rand.

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