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Cowtown Eats featured in Capitol Weekly

Capitol Weekly, a newspaper that focuses on California government, politics and the capitol, featured a Q & A with Cowtown Eats this week in its dining section.

Here's an excerpt.

Do you find places competing to get mentioned on the site?
As I’ve started getting more visitors (I get about 10,000 page views a month and 1,400 users) restaurant PR people have started contacting me to add their restaurant to the site or update their listing as they update their happy hours. I’m especially sympathetic to PR people since that’s what I do as my day job.

Have the drink offers or coupons gotten better recently? If so, do you credit the down economy, or competition to get mentioned?
I think the economy has been a huge factor in the expansion of happy hours. Look at a restaurant like Esquire. They have great food and service and I regard them as a top-tier Sacramento restaurant. But even they’ve elected to offer happy hour.

Read the entire interview here.


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