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Moxie is Perfectly Imperfect - I know some people who believe Moxie is the finest restaurant in Sacramento. What follows is not an argument. It's a look at why they just might be right. Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

Taylor's Kitchen: Neighborhood divine -  They’re onto us at Taylor’s Kitchen. Despite the warmth of its exposed-brick interior, which is brightened by large canvases of floral still lifes and Dali-esque ceiling fans, the manager eyes us suspiciously. Greg Lucas in the Sac News and Review.

The Corner Restaurant and Bar: Comfort and Style - There is a lot to commend about The Corner; plentiful parking isn’t one of them. But that’s largely where the critique ends. The new occupant of 5641 J Street, the original Shakey’s, knows what it’s doing and does it well. Greg Lucas in the Sac News and Review.

Using Menu Psychology to Entice Diners - Tabla is just one of the many restaurants around the country that are feverishly revising their menus. Pounded by the recession, they are hoping that some magic combination of prices, adjectives, fonts, type sizes, ink colors and placement on the page can coax diners into spending a little more money. Sarah Kershaw in the NY Times.

Restaurants Put a Cork in Wine Fees to Attract Customers - Most Bay Area restaurants let guests bring their own wine, but nearly all of them charge to open the bottle. Now the recession has pushed more local restaurateurs to waive that fee as a way to attract customers. Ben Worthen in the WSJ


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