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Top 10 Happy Hours of 2009

Thank you to all who visited this site in the last year. This week, I had a chance to look at the stats and crunch the numbers on which were the top 10 most popular Sacramento Happy Hours on Cowtown Eats.

10. Paesanos
9. Il Fornaio
8. Zocalo
7. GV Hurley's (Now Deceased)
6. Morton's
5. Capitol Garage
4. Mikuni
3. Burgers and Brew
2. McCormick and Schmick's
1. Chicago Fire

Over the last year, the site had nearly 100,000 page views and 12,750 unique visitors.

For those who are interested, Quantcast has a great estimate of my site's demographics. Some interesting findings:
  • Despite all the football-related posts, more women come to this site than men.
  • The audience is more likely than the general internet population to have no kids. I guess that's how they have time to go to happy hour.
  • Cowtown Eats attracts a generally affluent visitors who also have at least a college degree.

Those interested in even more information can visit http://www.quantcast.com/cowtowneats.com#demographics.

If you're looking for the previous monthly rankings, you can find them at http://www.cowtowneats.com/happy_hour/site-news/

Thank you all for visiting. I have a lot of great ideas for how to make this site better in 2010. Have any ideas? Let me know by leaving a comment below or e-mailing me at cowtowneats@gmail.com.


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