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Sacramento Connected and Other Housekeeping

Cowtown Eats is happy to announce that it has joined the Sac Bee's Sacramento Connect program.

What that means is that as of Monday at 10 a.m., you should start seeing a little toolbar at the bottom of Cowtown Eats that will hopefully bring relevant stories from the Sac Bee's handpicked network of Sacramento blogs and make it easier to share your favorite posts with your friends via Twitter or Facebook.

Some of the great blogs in the network that I personally read daily are Girls on the Grid and Sac Foodies.

Things on this blog won't change much. I hope the toolbar will help bring more traffic and the extra ad revenue will help Cowtown Eats lose a little less money every month. (Yes, this site hasn't turned a profit yet, although hopefully, Cowtown Eats will help me have a little extra money for happy hour this year.)

I will continue to write all the content, decide what goes where and when, etc. The Sac Bee doesn't own the content or the site and no money is changing hands. We're just all adding the toolbar at the bottom and hopefully bringing readers more relevant content.

But if you don't like it, let me know. If enough people don't like it, I will get rid of the toolbar. Feel free to leave a comment below, on the Cowtown Eats Facebook fan page or via e-mail at Cowtowneats@gmail.com.

I also took the time to tweak the site a little. It's mostly the same, but rearranged a couple things. I'm in the process of a larger redesign and logo coming, but I don't have an ETA on that.

For more about the Sacramento Connect toolbar, read more about it on Sacbee.com or watch a video from the folks over at the Sac Bee.


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