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Free Pinkberry Yogurt Thursday Evening


There's nothing better than frozen yogurt on a hot Sacramento summer evening. On The Grid, we have many choices for tart yogurt including Mochii (16th and P), Yogurtagogo (18th and L), etc.

But there's a 500 pound gorrilla in this market segment. Pinkberry is the original purveyor of upscale frozen yogurt and the Southern California-based franchise is expanding north into Sacramento.

To celebrate. Pinkberry is giving away free samples of their yogurt at their new Sacramento location fro 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. (and we're not talking about Costco-sized samples). They're giving away their mini-size, which gives you get your choice of tart yogurt (original flavor, pomegranate, coconut, chocolate or mango) and toppings. I gravitate towards the fruit toppings.

Pinkberry's giveaway is at their first Sacramento location at Howe 'bout Arden (2100 Arden Way) near Nordstrom Rack. No need for a coupon. Just show up and find out the yogurt that started the craze.


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