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Restaurant Reviews

In re-review, Sacramento's Iron Steaks shines - The service has significantly improved, led by Stacey Meifert, who presided over our table with poise, personality and skill. The steaks are still quite good, available in a variety of cuts and sizes suitable for sharing. The side dishes, the source of my scorn the first go-round, have gotten noticeably better, too – more flavor, more precision. That bland, watery mac and cheese? No longer. The new version is very tasty, and thicker. Blair Anthony Robertson in the Sac Bee.

Petra Greek: Hellenes good - On every visit, the staff is remarkably solicitous—not always common at restaurants with ordering at the cash register. Terry and I are asked multiple times by cashier-waitresses—and management—of the meal caliber and our contentment. Everyone seems eager for input and eager to please. Multiple return visits planned. Efharisto poli. Greg Lucas in the Sac News and Review.

First Bite: Cafeteria 15L - I stopped by the new Cafeteria 15L today and was delighted with its transformation from Mason’s Restaurant. Lively and bright, the space is plainer, more (charmingly) utilitarian and less self-consciously cool than its former incarnation (note: the mind-bending, boy-girl see-through bathroom handwashing stations have not changed). In Sac Mag's Eat & Drink Blog

The Good Life: Midtown Sacramento blocks aim for a destination identity as the Handle District - The Handle District is small, but it's one of the most energetic parts of midtown. It runs from 17th to 19th streets and from L street to Capitol Avenue. It's a stretch with restaurants, shops, wine bars, lofts and, honestly, not a ton of parking. (There is plenty of valet service.) The idea behind creating the district is to give a common identity to the businesses and the area, in the way of, say, North Beach or South of Market in San Francisco. The hope is that it will help make the district a destination, a spot people will go to, park the car, then decide what to do. Rick Kushman in the Sac Bee.

Chef Billy Ngo of Sacramento's Kru branching out with Red Lotus - He was once a guppy compared with the big fish of Sacramento's sushi scene, busing tables and washing dishes in Japanese restaurants. Now 28, he's one of the city's most celebrated chefs, counting several of Sacramento's culinary leaders among frequent patrons. Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

Kim Kardashian Tweets gig at Sacramento's Azukar Lounge is 'fake' - Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is scheduled to appear on April 29th at a Sacramento nightclub. Apparently that's news to her. Cornell Barnard on News 10. See video below.

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