Free Slurpee from 7-Eleven on Sunday
Happy Hour at the Sacramento Capitals in Roseville

Top 10 Cowtown Eats Posts of June

My favorite page on any Web site is the most popular section. I'm not sophisticated enough to have the site put that together automatically on a daily basis, but I am happy to compile them one a month for the readers.

Here are the top 10 posts (separate from the Top 10 most popular happy hours) of June.

  1. Cowtown Eats Guide to Saving Almost 50 Percent at Good Restaurants
  2. Cowtown Eats Guide to Late Night Happy Hours
  3. Top 10 Happy Hours of 2009 
  4. Gooooooal! Three Places to watch the World Cup
  5. USA! USA! 7 Places to Watch USA vs. Slovenia on Friday
  6. Sacramento Happy Hour Map 
  7. Top 10 Happy Happy Hours of May
  8. Weekly Half Off Sacramento Roundup
  9. Summer Outdoor Drinking Calendar - June Edition
  10. Cowtown Eats Guide to Weekly Bar Trivia Night


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