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Two Ways to Get Free Funnel Cake (with purchase)


I love funnel cake. I don't care how many calories it is. But if I make the trek to the State Fair or an amusement park like Disneyland, I make it a priority to get one before the day's over.

However, in a dangerous development for my waistline, there are two ways to get free funnel cake outside of the State Fair.

First, Cafeteria 15L is giving away free Pennsylvania Dutch Funnel Cake starts Wednesday with the purchase of an entree. This offer lasts thru the end of the State Fair. If you think about it, going a ticket to the fair will run you about $12. Why not skip the heat, lines and crowds and spend that money on good food and air conditioning at Cafeteria 15L?

The second place to get a free funnel cake is at Jack in the Box. With the purchase of a Really Big Chicken Combo, good ole Jack Box will throw in a free mini funnel cake. Just print out the coupon and bring it in for your free fried goodness.

There you have it. Two places to get free funnel cake. Just don't blame me when your pants start getting tight.


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