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Top 10 Happy Hours of July

I'm not saying it's related, but coincidentally, the month furloughs were lifted, Cowtown Eats saw its highest traffic ever. And when state workers were notified that the furloughs would be returning, traffic returned to its previous levels. I guess that means that unsurprisingly, happy hour is considered discretionary spending. Thank you all for supporting the site.

Cowtown Eats had more than 21,600 page views (up 105 percent compared to last year) and 4,000 unique visitors (plus 194 percent over last year).

The 10 most popular Sacramento happy hours of July on Cowtowneats.com were:

  1. Burgers and Brew (Last month's rank: 1)
  2. Cafeteria 15L (Last Month's rank: 5)
  3. Chicago Fire Pizza (Last month's rank: 2)
  4. McCormick and Schmick’s (Last month's rank: 3)
  5. Capitol Garage (Last month's rank: 4)
  6. Paesanos (Last month's rank: 8)
  7. Morton's (Last month's rank: 7)
  8. Red Lotus (Last month's rank: 10)
  9. Scott's Seafood on the River (Last month: unranked)
  10. Zocalo (Last month's rank: 6)

Thank you all for coming. If you have any suggestions/thoughts, please e-mail me at CowtownEats@gmail.com

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