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Restaurant Reviews

Seoul Restaurant: Old Boy - Sacramento’s Seoul Restaurant has it in spades. Its matriarch, dynamic and kindly, says that at 38 years just off the intersection of La Riviera Drive and Folsom Boulevard—unfortunately obscured by a Shell station—her place is the oldest Korean eatery in town. As far as the food goes, there are no signs of infirmity. It’s more of a testament to the claim that age improves everything. Greg Lucas in the Sac News & Review.

Nightlife: It's all about the beer -- and coffee -- at Pangaea in Curtis Park -   Most people expect just snacks and drinks when they belly up to a bar. Pangaea Two Brews Café is trying to change those expectations. Owner Rob Archie is passionate about beer, and he is quietly spreading his knowledge and enthusiasm to his customers, one glass at a time. Casey Mar in the Sac Bee

Dining Out: End of Summer Midtown Gelato Tour - Luckily, there are three places in Midtown that serve gelato—as we were reminded one recent evening while walking down the street with our frogurt, only to pass Hot Italian (627 16th Street), which was doing lots of business out of their gelato window. We vowed that our next hot weather trip would be there. Malcolm Maclachlan in Capitol Weekly.

Restaurant News

Couple's Sofia to be shuttered - A downtown restaurant, Sofia on 11th, is expected to close [last] Saturday — another victim of the recession and Furlough Fridays, as well as a somewhat obscure location. Suzanne Hurt in Sac Press.

Nishiki Sushi removes live prawns following PETA pressure - Nishiki Sushi has decided to spare its prawns. After being contacted by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), the midtown sushi restaurant has removed live prawns from its menu. Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

Second to naan - Coming soon to midtown Sacramento: a fast-food Indian eatery that's relocating from Natomas. The owners of Mati's Indian Express on Tuesday signed a lease to go into the former Togo's/Baskin-Robbins site on 16th Street between O and P. Bob Shallit in the Sac Bee.

Who Put the Whiskey in My Milkshake? - As anyone who has survived a frozen mudslide could tell you, the spiked shake is anything but a new idea. But it seems to be experiencing a sudden uptick in ubiquity, respectability and, here and there, craftsmanship. Steven Stern in the New York Times.

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