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Weekly Sacramento Restaurant Reviews & News Recap


Restaurant Reviews

Dining: Pine Tree House the delicious, exotic real deal of Korean cooking - If you are a product of mainstream America and came of age eating only those cuts of meat everyone else was eating, the Pine Tree House just might freak you out. If, on the other hand, you believe food can be a cultural gateway to expand your palate and perceptions, you will be inspired by this understated, often bustling and very Korean little restaurant next to a doughnut shop in a Rancho Cordova strip mall. Blair Anthony Robinson in the Sac Bee.

Heat Shabu Baru: What's the Password? - Persistently, the suspicion nags at Heat Shabu Baru that any moment now the music will swell and cages will descend from the ceiling with dancers in sunglasses, lime-green miniskirts and white go-go boots. Is this suspicion fueled by the stylized, pumpkin-orange apple-peel chandeliers? The pink walls? The brightly lit red “bricks” of the bar? Perhaps the white leather chairs, most likely made of the same material as the soon-to-be-seen go-go boots? These are proximate causes, for sure, but it’s more an overarching vibe that causes this smallish space on 18th Street off Broadway to feel like someone’s private club. As though there ought to be a slot in the front door and someone asking for the evening’s password. Maybe that’s why “baru”—Japanese for bar—is part of the title. Greg Lucas in Sac News & Review.

Dining Out: Marrakech Moroccan Restaurant - We went about this all wrong. We stopped by Marrakech on a whim recently, hungry after shopping. Basically, we were looking for a quick bite to eat. What were we thinking? Marrakech is a good dinner or party spot, but a meal there is an undertaking. There were many courses and much ritual. Our quick little bite turned into 90 minutes, and that was with us rushing and taking most of our food to go. Malcolm Maclachlan in Capitol Weekly.

Need an Attitude Adjustment? Try Kathmandu Kitchen - When I’m feeling gloomy, grouchy or bored, I often seek out boldly-flavored food to lift my spirits. Such was the case recently, when I called friendly Kathmandu Kitchen and ordered up the restaurant’s creamy chicken tikka masala...Kira O'Donnell in Sac Mag.

Restaurant News

Eclectic mix planned for Splash Bar - Ai "Al" Pham, who co-owns Azukar, and partners are opening the new bar to replace Avalon at the corner of 15th and H streets. Originally a veterans hall, the address has become a troubled spot that spelled the end for two nightclubs. Suzanne Hurt in Sac Press.

Bob Shallit: A dad inspired new restaurant Hads -  A bit of the Fireside Restaurant and bar lives on in midtown Sacramento – at the newly opened Hads Steak and Seafood. Fifth-generation Sacramentan Julia Hadley recently bought the former Taki sushi house at 1925 J St. and turned it into a place with some elements from the Fireside, a place she visited often with her dad growing up. Bob Shallit in the Sac Bee.

RIP The Hot Pastrami on Auburn Blvd near Watt, reports a thread over at Chowhound.

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