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How to Save 50 Percent at Good Restaurants, Second Edition

I wrote a post a year ago on How to Save Nearly 50 Percent at Good Restaurants, and it’s been the most popular feature on Cowtown Eats. Unfortunately, the post is now a little dated, so I’ve decided to update it. Here’s How to Save 50 Percent at Good Restaurants, Second Edition.

There two main ways that you can save nearly 50 percent on restaurants – through limited time offers like Groupon or limited supply offers like Fox 40’s Frugal Fridays.

Limited Time Offers

The limited time offers are those where the deal is only offered for a day or a few days, and then the deals are gone. These are the sites that offer these deals in Sacramento:

Not all the deals are food and drink related. I’d say half of the time, they’re personal services (massages, hair cuts, cleaning services, etc.), a third of the time, they’re admission to a venues or events  (Kings games, admission to the zoo, skydiving, etc.), and the rest of them are food and drink related items. You can sign up and join their e-mail list if you’re interested in receiving these deals daily, or you can check Cowtown Eats and I’ll post the food and drink related deals.

I’ve personally purchased and used products from most of the sites. There are also rumors that Google, Yelp and Facebook will be entering the field of limited time offers. If they do, you’ll see an update to this post.

Limited Supply Offers

The previous edition of this post focused on these limited quantity offers. Generally, TV stations or radio stations would trade commercials for gift certificates. Then, they’d sell these gift certificates to the general public to make back some of their money.  These are the sites that offer these deals in Sacramento:

Disclaimer: On some of these sites, I use affiliate links which means I'll make a very small percentage of what you spend there. But it's just a small minority of them.

What’s your favorite trick to saving money at restaurants? Leave your ideas in the comments.

* Updated 9/13/2011


A couple of the links seem to be broken or no longer offer deals anymore. Sacramento Half Off Deals looks like it's broken and KCRA Daily Deals hasn't offered any deals in sometime. If you are updating the links or page please look into adding these other limited time offer sites: Amazon Local Sacramento and Google Offers Sacramento.
Thank you!

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