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Top 10 Happy Hours of 2010

Thank you for visiting Cowtown Eats and for making 2010 our biggest year yet. We had more than 218,000 page views and 32,000 unique users. Please continue to tell your friends about the site.

Here are Cowtown Eats most popular happy hours of 2010.

  1. Burgers & Brew
  2. Chicago Fire
  3. McCormick and Schmick's
  4. Capitol Garage
  5. Paesanos
  6. Morton's
  7. Zocalo
  8. Mikuni Sushi
  9. Cafeteria 15L
  10. Il Fornaio

This list is determined by which happy hours visitors to Cowtown Eats click on.  The only new entry on the list is Cafeteria 15L, replacing the now-closed GV Hurley's. To see last year’s list, click here.

One quick postscript. I don’t understand how everybody else does their 2010 lists before the end of the year. If the year doesn’t end until Dec. 31, how do they do their lists in the middle of December? Ok, I’ll get over it now.


I can somewhat agree with 2 through 10 on this list, maybe not in that exact order, but they deserve to be recognized. However, ranking Burgers and Brews as the best HH in SAC is absurd! The service is horrible, the place is always empty and the bar area is the smallest I've seen in recent memory. Plus the drink and food options are stingy. They must pay cowtown for the advertising.

While everybody has their own opinions on what happy hours are good, these are based on popularity -- meaning which ones have the most traffic. No placement is paid for and none are bought (despite the efforts of some restaurants).


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