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Daily Dining Deals: Kupros Bistro

Despite all its fanfare, I still run into a lot of people who have never tried Kupros Bistro. It has a well deserved reputation for serving delicious food and craft beers. If you haven't tried it yet, take advantage of this deal to sample this restaurant. If you have tried Kupros, you probably already love the place and you can save money on your next visit.

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So...I have eaten @ Kupro's twice, the most recent visit being this past weekend, cashing in one of those Groupon-like offers (maybe it was a Frugal Friday thing), paying $25 for a $50 voucher. Honestly, I find this place to be average in every respect - from the average ambience to the average food to the average service. We ate early as we were out and about, but left this place at 7:30 on a Saturday and upstairs attendance was sparse. Out fritto misto was a bit too done and had more batter than fish. I forget what Michelle had, but she was underwhelmed. I had the cassoulet and it just made me want to head over to the Waterboy and pay the xtra $8 for Mahan's version because it's more than twice as good. It was better the first time we ate there, but neither experience leads us to believe we have to go back. There should be more of, well, everything, to justify a $75-100 meal (if you include alcohol...and they do have a good booze list). On paper, I like the concept, but the execution, on many levels, is just not there.

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