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Instant Reaction: Gogi Korean BBQ

Instant Reaction: Mini Burger Truck

Cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and Portland first had their taste buds titillated by mobile food vendors. They were enjoying foods like Kogi, the Korean BBQ Taco. Or cupcakes sold from a truck. The Food Network even did a whole reality show competition around food trucks.

Now, finally, Sacramento has one to call its own, Mini Burger Truck.

Mini Burger Truck launched to the public this last weekend, and Cowtown Eats was there to give it a try. A friend and I caught up with it at a car dealership in Arden on Saturday afternoon.

First, as you walk up to the truck, it looks very clean and either new or recently redone. It has its menu on the side of the truck and you order by filling out one of their order sheets. You have to make three different choices – meat (angus, buffalo or chicken), bread (brioche, wheat or lettuce) and style of burger (cowbell, ninja, the OG and da Philly). See their entire menu here.


Since we were in between meals, we shared two sliders – the OG, a regular beef slider with American cheese, lettuce tomato and grilled onion on brioche and a n Cow Bell topped with bacon, pepperjack, onion straws, BBQ sauce and lettuce with a beef patty and wheat bread.

Our favorite among the two was the Cowbell. It was juicy, tasty and had a variety of textures – especially with a little extra crunch from the bacon and onion strings. The BBQ sauce was also a nice touch. It’s like a fancier and mini version of the Western Bacon Cheeseburger at Carl’s Jr. We also loved the brioche. We were less impressed with The OG. That burger was fine, but didn’t stand out. The meat was juicy and well seasoned, it just seemed a little plain. But maybe that’s what you’d expect when you order their most plain burger.

I didn’t have a chance to try their fries, but from the smell of them, they’d be delicious.

Overall, I thought they were good enough to keep an eye out for them as I’m out and about. I look forward to hitting them up on a future weekend when I’m half way through a pub crawl or hungry after a couple happy hour beers.

Mini Burger Truck is scheduled to be in Downtown on Tuesday, Feb. 8. As with all mobile food vendors, follow them on Twitter or on their Web site to find out their schedule.


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