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Daily Dining News: Tres Hermanas Reviewed, La Bonne Soup Cafe

Tres Hermanas can be one of those restaurants that blends into the background. You drive by it on K street and may have eaten there once or twice, but you don't see a lot of buzz for it. The Sac Bee's restaurant critic raved about its authenticity in December. But Sac News & Review's Greg Lucas has a different take.

Tres Hermanas has an attraction that’s obvious. It’s a known quantity with a utilitarian delivery of traditional Americanized Mexican food. Its location is convenient to both Midtown and downtown. By day, it isn’t terrifically expensive. The place has been delivering the same fare for a decade and, therefore, it’s created a certain comfort level among its patrons. At Tres Hermanas, there are no surprises.

But in a city—and state—with so many south-of-the-border eating options shouldn’t surprise and singularity be the gold standard?

Read the entire review in the Sac News & Review.

Other News:

La Bonne Soupe Café: Don't Forget Your Watch - Last week a friend and I had a hankering for soup and sandwiches at downtown’s famed La Bonne Soupe Café. Fans of this charming little establishment know to carve out lots of extra time for waiting in line when visiting, but I figured if I arrived at 11am I might just move through the line, lickety-split. I was wrong. Kira O'Donnell in Sac Mag.

Enotria Restaurant Reopens - Closed for almost a half-year for renovations, the restaurant at Enotria reopen[ed earlier this week] for dinner. Marybeth Bizjak in Sac Mag.


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