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Daily Dining News: SactoMoFo's Here, Capitol Garage Wins Brunch Award

In case you’re an unfrozen caveman lawyer, you know that this Saturday is SactoMoFo, or the Sacramento Mobile Food Festival. (BTW: Props to Ms. Munchie for doing a great job doing her part organizing SactoMoFo and doing the media work for it. If you’re looking to hire a social media strategist, she’s your woman.)

Mainstream media has been covering it all week. Here are some excerpts:

Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

"A lot of people are very familiar with taco trucks and those that serve construction sites," said Joshua Lurie-Terrell, a SactoMoFo organizer. "For the most part (at SactoMoFo), these are gourmet trucks operated by successful restaurateurs and caterers who know how to cook a very wide range of creative stuff. Even the pickiest eater will find plenty to eat."

SactoMOFO is about more than just grubbing down at these 21st century chuck wagons, however. SactoMoFo was founded to raise awareness about the strict city ordinances that keep mobile food vendors from flourishing in Sacramento, unlike the bustling food-truck scenes in such cities as Portland, Ore., and Los Angeles.

Nick Miller in Sac News and Review:

It’s Monday lunch hour. The intoxicating aroma of meat searing on a hot grill overtakes a Midtown street corner. But there are no barbecues, or fast-food joints nuking hockey pucks. Instead, that eye-widening burger perfume originates from open skylights atop a food truck parked on 21st Street. Called the Mini Burger Truck, its promise of wee cheeseburgers and sweet-potato tots has seduced a dozens-strong lunchtime rush of customers ordering curbside, then waiting, the gentlest of April showers spraying the crowd.

Sac Bee Editorial:

Established restaurants have legitimate concerns about food trucks. They've put big money and years of work into their establishments, and many have suffered in the down economy.

But we think there's a way to revise the city's ordinance to strike a reasonable balance between fixed and mobile food purveyors. We are hearing that council members, new and old, feel the same way. We'd urge them to attend the festival Saturday, to feed their minds and tummies.

Other News:

Capitol Garage wins national brunch award - Capitol Garage in Sacramento was among the 50 winners of OpenTable Inc.'s "Diners' Choice Awards for the Top Restaurants for Brunch in the United States." Mark Glover in the Sac Bee.

Politico Turned Entrepreneur: Exclusive Interview with the Newest & Sweetest Restaurant in Town - Trey Luzzi gave up 14-year career in state government to follow his dream of owning a bakery.  TreyBCakes, located at 1801 L Street, has been open about two months and has become the new star of the neighborhood. Amelia Neufeld on Girls on the Grid.

Mani’s Curry House: Fijian eye-opener - Located at Stockton Boulevard and Mack Road in the southernmost of south Sacramento, Mani’s opens doors to a wide array of Fijian food—mild, medium and spicy—through $8.95 lunch and $10.95 dinner buffet. Mani’s says on its website it wants to be the best Fijian place in Sacramento. If any indication of authenticity, the other patrons are conversing with management in what presumably is Fijian. Greg Lucas in the Sac News & Review. 

Soaring food costs = higher prices at In-N-Out, other chains - Soaring food costs, especially beef, is forcing the restaurant industry to raise menu prices including Irvine-based In-N-Out Burger.  In a report released this week, one industry analyst said operators have increased menu prices about 2 percent since May 2010. Nancy Luna in the OC Register.

Wine in a box getting popular, but is it better? - For months, they’ve been accumulating in our wine closet: box after box of wine. Yup, wine in boxes. The makers of fermented grape juice in plastic bags surrounded by cardboard containers have been striving mightily to change the prevailing attitude that their product is the buck-toothed hillbilly of the wine family. Paul Hodgins in the OC Register.

Chipotle Mexican Grill faces big shortage of natural chicken - Chipotle Mexican Grill, which has built a reputation based on its food-with-integrity menu, has found itself in a huge predicament as a bulk of its California restaurants are experiencing a shortage of natural chicken. Nancy Luna in the OC Register.


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