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Daily Dining Deals: Ettore's European Bakery & Restaurant

228170_10150280177059256_170383664255_9428115_3661828_n Ettore's European Bakery & Restaurant is one of those places that I've heard of, I've had baked goods from, but have never been to. It's often mentioned in the same league as some of the city's finest bakeries. The Sac Bee's counter culture columnist Allen Pierleoni's named its burger one of his favorite in Sacramento.

So if you're like me and have never been but want to give it a try, you can eat there half off.

Other Deals:


I don't see any daily deal for Ettore's via the link provided above.

The deals are only good for a day or two. Also, make sure you click on the $7 for $15 link.

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