Daily Dining News: Venue Change for Thursday's Mobile Food Festival
Free Fries or Olives at Paragary's During Happy Hour Today

Daily Dining News: Rooftop Bars Coming to K St.?

K Street, between 10th St. and the mall, have been an eyesore for years. On Tuesday night, the City Council approved a plan to help spruce up the 700 & 800 block.

Ryan Lillis in the Sac Bee reports:

A live music venue is planned for the property at the corner of Seventh and K streets. The group that operates the Shady Lady Saloon on R Street in midtown is lined up to run the 500-spectator venue, which will feature a rooftop terrace and restaurant.

The theater would attract local and national acts, similar to a House of Blues or the Fillmore in San Francisco, Miry said.

Another restaurant with a rooftop terrace is planned two doors down from the music venue. "We think Sacramento should be the city of rooftops with the weather we have," Miry said.

Michael Shaw in the Sac Biz Journal adds a tidbit about the future of cars on K St.:

The return of cars to K Street’s pedestrian mall is close....Cars are being reintroduced on the street between 8th Street and 12th Street to increase access to retail on the street. K Street was once the city’s most active shopping destination. The absence of cars for the past 40 years gets most of the blame for the waning interest in shopping downtown.

Melissa Corker also covers the story in the Sac Press.

More News:

New Gelateria Coming to Midtown - Overheated midtowners will be pleased to know that a new gelateria is going into the 19th street space last occupied by Le Petit Paris (which closed this past fall). East Sac residents Elizabeth and Brian McCleary hope to open Devine Gelateria & Café mid- to end of July, assuming all their permits are in order and the renovation of the space is completed. Kira O'Donnell in Sac Mag.

Early to bed, early to rise - At age 32, Melchor oversees all baking for the Paragary Restaurant Group. It's a plum job for a baker who started out in the restaurant business after a handful of community college cooking classes. Diners never see Melchor, but the bakery manager and her small team craft every loaf of bread and dessert sold at eight Paragary restaurants that serve about 1,500 diners daily. Niesha Lofing in the Sac Bee.

Mover over funnel cakes, fried Kool-Aid is here - Charlie Boghosian - aka "Chicken Charlie" - is the man behind the creations. The 42-year-old Boghosian has spent two decades testing the limits of what can be cooked in grease and still taste good. Each year, he adds new, unusual items to his popular food stand. This year, it's fried Kool-Aid. Julie Watson of the Associated Press.


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