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Daily Dining Deals: Blue Prynt

Blue Prynt, helmed by the former chef at Brew It Up, replaced Sofia, a place I loved, but I must have been in the minority. I've been to Blue Prynt for Happy Hour and loved their Buffalo Mac & Cheese and Sliders.

Sac Bee's Blair Anthony Robertson says:

[Blue Prynt chef] Lockard is showing he is a skillful, if understated chef. If he takes his game up a notch or two, people are going to start seeking out his food.

Sac News & Review's Greg Lucas says:

A standout is the blackened pork tenderloin sandwich: jalapeños, Romanos, a big leaf of romaine, bacon, cream cheese and a Thai chili aioli. It tastes a little like a BLT at first, but then the chilies kick in. The hoagie bun is spongy and fresh, although holding the cream cheese, as is done on a subsequent visit, makes for a lighter taste and puts the tomato and lettuce in the driver’s seat.

Now, you can try this place half off.

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