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Instant Reaction: Wicked 'Wich

When I hear about a new food truck, it’s like the Christmas season. I get all excited and count days until I get to try it.

Over the weekend, the highly-anticipated Wicked ‘Wich, Sacramento’s third standalone gourmet food truck, debuted. Cowtown Eats caught up with them on their second day of operation on Second Saturday, and this is my Instant Reaction. (Read Cowtown Eats’ previous Instant Reactions of Mini Burger Truck and Drewski’s Hot Rod Kitchen.)

Wicked ‘Which is a gourmet sandwich truck (although they pointedly claim not to be gourmet on the side of their mobile kitchen). It’s entire menu of sandwiches is priced at $7.50 – about right for a large warm sandwich for lunch or dinner.

I went with my wife and we ordered two sandwiches for dinner – the Spicy Capicola Sandwich and the Hot Italian Sandwich, and a side of fries ($2.50).

I ordered the Hot Italian Sausage. It was essentially a sausage, butterfly cut, topped with coleslaw between two pieces of fresh baked bread. I loved the filling of this sandwich. The sausage was spicy enough to give it a bite without making it too hot to eat. The tanginess coleslaw gave it a great contrast of flavors with the spicy sausage. I really enjoyed this burger.

My wife ordered the Spicy Capicola (without the customary coleslaw), which we got because Wicked ‘Wich said it was the most popular sandwich of the day. First of all, the sandwich had an impressive amount of meat. For those who don’t know what capicola looks like, think sliced salami or pepperoni. It too had a hint of spice – like pepperoni. This sandwich was also very good.

Both sandwiches came with fries in them, like you’d find onion rings in some burgers. I loved that addition. I do have two suggestions to improve their sandwiches. First, the sandwiches are tall – which I think is warranted given their price point – but they fell apart as soon as you start to eat them. A toothpick would have kept them together nicely. The second suggestion would be to toast the bread. The bread was good, but grilling the sandwiches, while probably not authentic, would have taken the sandwiches up to another level.

* Update: Wicked Wich addressed the toasting issue on their Facebook page on July 20, 2011:

2. Why don't we toast our bread? . . . a) it's all about texture . . . crispy fries, soft fresh bread b) time . . . we want you to have time to enjoy your lunch, and the city wants us to move in 30 minutes. We don't take 10 or 15 minutes . . . usually 2 or 3. No that isn't an exaggeration, so take a lunch break, relax, and chew your food. c) most importantly . . . this is the way we like it!!

The side of fries were above average. They appeared to be natural cut fries. Solid, but not spectacular.

All of the Sacramento food trucks I’ve tried have been good. My favorite thus far is Drewski’s Hot Rod Kitchen. With a couple tweaks, Wicked ‘Wich could threaten to take the lead.

Wicked ‘Wich is back on the streets today. Find out where they’ll be via their Twitter feed, @WichonWeels.

Have you tried it? Share your thoughts below.


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