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Daily Dining Deals: Shabu Japanese Fondue, Tokyo Fro's & More

Shabu Japanese Fondue is a hard concept to grasp. They call it fondue, but there's no cheese. It's Japanese food, but there's no sushi. This is how Sac Mag describes it in a March 2010 review by Kira O'Donnell:

First, you choose from four broths in which to cook your meal: shoyu (soy sauce); miso (yep, the same stuff found in miso soup); spicy miso; and chicken. Then you choose what to cook in that broth, from a selection that includes thinly sliced American Kobe beef, lamb, chicken and a beautiful array of seafood. Every diner gets a heaping plate of vegetables (doll-size bunches of enoki mushrooms, crinkly spinach leaves, Napa cabbage and carrot coins), udon noodles and soft blocks of tofu. If that isn’t enough to build a delicious meal, you also receive a tidy condiment trio of finely chopped daikon, garlic and green onion, along with small bowls of a lovely, sweetish goma (sesame) sauce and a citrusy ponzu sauce.

If that's piqued your interest, today, you can get it half off.

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