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Daily Dining News: RIP Pause Lounge in Roseville

Restaurants in the Sacramento region are dropping like files. In the last couple weeks, we've seen Spin Burger Bar, L Wine Lounge, CPK, Brew It Up and now Pause Lounge in Roseville, reports Chris Macias in the Sac Bee.

The tough times continue on the local restaurant scene. Pause Lounge & Kitchen in Roseville became the latest local eatery to shut down, closing for good over the weekend following just eight months in business. Pause, which specialized in artisanal cocktails and a menu that focused on small-plate items, closed temporarily in April to revamp its menu and change its decor. According to Lucas Elia, who co-owned Pause with brother Leyland Jacob, Pause never quite found its footing after closing the first time.

Read the entire story in the Sac Bee.

More News:

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