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I love Red Lotus. I loved it enough to do the rehearsal dinner for my wedding there. I loved it enough that I've literally tried everything on their menu. The Sac Bee's Blair Anthony Robertson called it the best new restaurant of last year. But apparently, all that love was not enough. It closed its doors for good, reports the Sac Bee's Chris Macias.

Red Lotus, the midtown restaurant which specialized in stylish dim sum-styled Chinese food, shut down as of Sunday night. This news was first broadcast on the Facebook page for Billy Ngo, Red Lotus' executive chef and co-owner, and confirmed by a member of Red Lotus' staff. Red Lotus lasted just under a year-and-a-half of business at 28th and J streets, taking over the a space formerly occupied by G.V. Hurley's before abruptly shutting down after Sunday's service.

Read the entire post in the Sac Bee.

Ngo's sushi joint Kru is still open.

While I feel bad for the restaurant workers who are out of a job, I don't feel bad for the owners when bad or blah restaurants like CPK go out of business. But when good restaurants like Red Lotus & Celestin's, it's a damn shame. Now, add them to the list of other restaurants that have gone belly up: Good Eats, Spin Burger Bar, L Wine Lounge, Brew It Up and Pause Lounge in Roseville.

PS: Props to Sac Press commenter Vtorza11, where I first read that Red Lotus might be in trouble. He posted about it a week before it closed.

Other News:

Top This Frozen Yogurt closes - R Street's Top This Frozen Yogurt closed in mid-August, and while there may be plans for the space in the future, it currently serves as storage for next-door Burgers & Brew. In Sac Press.

McDonald's rolling out New Happy Meals in Sacramento - McDonald's today began a rollout of its "New Happy Meal" in the Sacramento area and Bay Area, offering fruit with each meal. Mark Glover in the Sac Bee.

44,000 lbs of Beer Destroyed After Crash - NATOMAS— The aroma of 44,000 lbs of beer filled the air in Natomas Monday morning as drivers made their way along I-80. The smell was from an overturned semi truck along Truxel Road on the highway overpass. Sam Cohen & Sean Bennett on Fox40 News.


Burgers and Brew Owner is expanding B&B into the Top This space - which he actually owns as well. He's gonna knock down the wall between the two.

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