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'Sweet' New Deals Site On the Scene


There are a lot of Deal Sites these days. Groupon. Living Social. The list goes on and on, and they’re all in the Cowtown Eats Guide to Saving 50 Percent at Good Restaurants.

They do a really good job at offering a few deals a day at 50 percent off, and I try to comb through all of them to bring you the good dining deals.

The problem though is that this requires planning and thinking forward, as well as waiting for restaurants that you want to eat at to show up. What if there was a way to buy a gift certificate, print it out, and go to the restaurant and save right away?

Sac News & Review’s new Sweet Deals site may be the answer.

They have 3 dozen local restaurants. For many of them, you can buy, print and save immediately. A couple of the restaurants that I like and eat at where the instant gift certificates are available are:

They also sell good old fashioned physical gift certificates (where you have to wait for them in the mail or you can pick them up at the Sac News & Review office on Del Paso Blvd. between 160 and Arden Way). A couple great restaurants on their list are:

I also have a special offer for you. Sac News & Review has partnered up with Cowtown Eats to offer you an additional 20 percent off the purchase price, valid on the first $500 you spend on these gift certificates. (That also means that I get a small cut of what you spend. Something has to keep the lights on here at Cowtown Eats HQ.)

When you check out, use the promo code Cowtown. Promo code expires on on Wednesday, Sept. 14 at 11 p.m.

There are 30 more restaurants that I haven’t listed, plus other deals for spa services, events, automotive, etc. Another benefit of these is that unlike the Daily Deals sites, these never expire.

Visit http://snrsweetdeals.newsreview.com/ to check all the deals out for yourself.


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